Shhh…. Dog Trainers of Los Angeles Hide This Fact from You

Many dog owners in search of a reputable dog trainer in los angeles or anywhere else in southern CA won’t be able to figure out these simple facts:


  1. You will not learn much from group classes. Sorry. But it’s the truth. Dog obedience group classes are cheap, taught by rookies or worse dog trainers that only learnt how to train dogs from a manual.

  2. Most dog training classes don’t focus on the main issues such as: Jumping up, play biting, barking, being protective, bolting out the door, rough housing or if your dog is plain leash reactive. (Loses his s**t every time he spots ANY dog on walks. )

  3. Dog trainers are horrible at people skills. Some may be nice but clueless in delivering long. term. results. After all, you ARE paying for a results that LAST. Aren’t you??
  4. Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. Look into hiring not just a dog trainer, but a DOG PRODIGY who offers dog training in your home or at his dog boarding and training facility.