Sacramento Dog Trainer FAQ Page

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+ Why Would My Dog Listen to 'Me' When YOU Trained Him?

+ Why Other Trainers Take 3-8 Weeks and Kevin's Boot Camp is Only Two?

+ How Many Dogs at One Time Kevin Takes in His Boot Camp?

+ How Can I Be Sure that My Dog is (Truly Trained) Before I Come Back?

+ Do I Need to Stop by So You Also Train Me in that 14 Days?

+ What is Your Training Method and Philosophy?

+ What Can You Teach or Help Me with that I Can't Do Myself?

+ How Old Does My Pup Need to Be? Isn't Eight Weeks Old too Young?

+ I am Sick of My Dog Chewing Everything Up. Can You Help?

+ What Does Your Training Program Entail?

+ Do I Pick My Dog Up Each Day While He is With Kevin or Only Towards the End?

+ Why This Dog Seems too Stubborn or Not As Bright as My Other Dog(s) in the Past?

+ Which Training Tools Do You Allow or Forbid in Your Training?

+ What Can You Possibly Teach a Puppy as Young as 7 or 8 Wk Old?

+ Why is Off-leash training (Distance Verbal Response) So Important?

+ What's the FASTEST Way to Reserve the (Exact Start Date) of My Choice?