Pros and Cons of Doggie Boot Camps – What Dog Trainers Skip


  1. You have to say goodbye to your baby or buddy for a few weeks.
  2. Some doggy boot camps don’t always spend much time with your dog. Meaning, they let your poor dog rot in a pin for 23 hrs a day and only train it or give it attention for one hour. (Not with us.)
  3. Most of them last weeks and sometimes even months. Frankly, you only need months for attack training, hunting or for guide dog training. So typical dog boot camp shouldn’t last more than 2-3 weeks. (Kevin’s is only 2 weeks.)
  4. It’s a bit expensive. Because you will get a TRAINED dog back. Think about it. All you have to do is to maintain it. That’s alwys the easier part.


  • You can kill two birds w one stone if you need to leave town
  • If you’re too lazy, busy or frustrated you can let a pro take over
  • Dogs tend to stay trained better vs private lessons or worse group classes
  • Your dog WILL remember you and still love you. Yes. Even after that two weeks. lol