Professional Dog Training in Sacramento vs Cheesy Classes


Look, there is a saying that I always say: Good Dog Training Ain’t Cheap and Cheap Dog Training Ain’t Good.

If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Sacramento who trains dogs for a living and done so with puppies, adult dogs, old stubborn breeds and gladly tackles serious behavioral issues, you can’t find such trainer for under 200 bucks. Sorry. It ain’t gonna happen. Now, I’m not saying that you pay five to seven grand either and abandon your dog for 60 days or unless it is for hunting training or if you wanna fly this fancy shmancy trainer to you. Seven. Thousand. Dollars. It’s a dog for crying out loud. NOT a dragon. hahaha…

Professional dog training services whether be in Sacramento or in San Francisco, go far far beyond the obedience aspect of teaching and shaping your dog’s behavior. For instance, it isn’t that hard to teach a dog how to sit, lay down, shake, roll over and yada yada.

But to teach a puppy or an older dog to stop acting protective around other dogs, strangers, kids, cats, or teach it to stop barking, jumping up, nipping at you, behave in the car, or to listen off leash, that’s where a seasoned pro comes in handy.

Am I one of those professional dog trainers who happen to be right here in Sacramento region and knows what he’s talking about? I’ll leave that up to you after you watch my videos, and listen to the ones that I’m babbling about stuff. Thx for sticking around. 🙂




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