Kevin’s Story

What Exactly Happened?
Why Kevin Dedicated His Life in Helping Dog Owners Like Yourself?
(Turning a Tragedy into Triumph!)

I strongly believe: You need brains, heart, or at the very least, drive to succeed in life. And sometimes, all it takes a heart-wrenching experience, a feeling, or the joy that comes when making a difference in your line of work.

—Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

Taken from Kevin's Book, "Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training"

"Someone or a tragic incident can take away your home, your fame, your fortune, your pride, your passion, your loved ones, your well being, your good looks, your youth and even your dignity from you. But absolutely nothing or nobody in this world can take away that one thing from you--and that is your "attitude!!!"

In fact, the only person and the only force that can affect your attitude for better or for worse is--YOU."

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

"Have you noticed that the very best things in life are rarely "things". They are your loved ones, your happiness, your passion, your health, your attitude, your love, and your accomplishment."

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

--Chuck Palahniuk