Doggie Boot Camp Cost to Consider

It shouldn’t take thousands and thousands of dollars to train your dog. After all, at the end of the day, it’s a dog for crying out loud–not a dragon

Even worse, abandoning your dog for 30 or 60 days in ANY dog boot camp totally ruins the bond with your best friend.

But if you still prefer to pay us 5,000-7000, your dog better play the piano, help the kids with their homework and wash your car for you when you get it back. LOL

Professional Dog Training in Sacramento vs Cheesy Classes


Look, there is a saying that I always say: Good Dog Training Ain’t Cheap and Cheap Dog Training Ain’t Good.

If you’re looking for a dog trainer in Sacramento who trains dogs for a living and done so with puppies, adult dogs, old stubborn breeds and gladly tackles serious behavioral issues, you can’t find such trainer for under 200 bucks. Sorry. It ain’t gonna happen. Now, I’m not saying that you pay five to seven grand either and abandon your dog for 60 days or unless it is for hunting training or if you wanna fly this fancy shmancy trainer to you. Seven. Thousand. Dollars. It’s a dog for crying out loud. NOT a dragon. hahaha…

Professional dog training services whether be in Sacramento or in San Francisco, go far far beyond the obedience aspect of teaching and shaping your dog’s behavior. For instance, it isn’t that hard to teach a dog how to sit, lay down, shake, roll over and yada yada.

But to teach a puppy or an older dog to stop acting protective around other dogs, strangers, kids, cats, or teach it to stop barking, jumping up, nipping at you, behave in the car, or to listen off leash, that’s where a seasoned pro comes in handy.

Am I one of those professional dog trainers who happen to be right here in Sacramento region and knows what he’s talking about? I’ll leave that up to you after you watch my videos, and listen to the ones that I’m babbling about stuff. Thx for sticking around. 🙂




Best Dog Training Bay Area – San Francisco’s Top Trainer

I noticed an interesting pattern about dog trainers in bay area: Most are obsessed in using treats while obedience training a dog. You see, you really want to rely on: Praise, Leadership, Technique and Dog Psychology. I’m a professional dog trainer who taught group classes, private lessons and now, more busy with doggy boot camps.

For some reason, most frustrated dog owners from San Francisco are impressed with my dog boot camp and my rates being reasonable. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t beat 150 bucks of few weeks of group classes that all the positive reinforcement rave about. But who can take their dog to those and how much can you really expect out of it?

What’s best about boarding your dog while being trained is all the hard work is done. Then I train and educate you and your family so you guys know how to stay on top of things. Now when you think about it, doesn’t dog boot camp make more sense? If so, please click on my boot camp page. 🙂

Dog Training in Sacramento

Hot Dogs, Ham, Chicken and Sausage? 

Or, it Makes More Sense to Use:
Praise * Technique * Leadership * Psychology?

You Know What’s Crazy??

Kevin Has Trained Not Hundreds, But Thousands of Dogs with the 2nd Options. That’s Right. Thousands with Long-Lasting Results!!!

Even More Impressing; He Has Done So WITHOUT Yelling, Hitting or Alpha Rolls. It’s Hard to Ignore His Eyebrow Raising Results–With ALL Breeds and Mixtures. You’re in the Right Place. Keep Reading.

A Well-Trained Dog = A Happier Life 🙂

Is Your Lovely Dog Getting ANNOYING?!?!

99% of Dog Trainers CANNOT:


Train Your Dog WITHOUT Treats 
 Achieve Off-leash & Distance Control
 Teach Your Dog to Obey Around Dogs

Beating or Bribing
Your Poor Dog is NOT-

(Dog Training!!!)



Please Don’t Act Like a Fool by Following a Stupid Method Below:


Dog Boot Camp Bay Area - San Francisco Dog Training



If you think about it, doggy boot camp is the best and fastest way to get your dog trained. I am talking from 22 years of experience. Most dog boarding and training schools don't guarantee their work because they doubt their knowledge and expertise.

You see, teaching you the dog psychology aspect of dog training is critical. Anybody can board your dog for you. NOT every dog trainer is qualified enough to get your dog fully trained.

By fully, I mean solve its bad habits that bother you the most. That's right. Professional dog training. My doggie boot camp is in located in Sacramento CA. What's funny is I even get clients all the way from Bay Area. Also, most of the best trained dogs were trained by a professional dog trainer first. Dogs for the blind, handicap, hunting dogs and even police dogs... were are trained in a board & train fashion. Even with puppies. If you want more info about my dog boot camp, please click on boot camp page. 







Dog Training Classes Sacramento vs. Dog Boarding and Training

Think about it. You leave your dog in our doggie boot camp. Then let me show how you can stay on top of things fro there. Or, would rather drag your dog every wed night at 7pm to some group training classes for weeks and weeks and get brainwash by positive dog trainers that using treats is the best and the only way to get achieve solid obedience for life? Give my dog boot camp a chance. You'll be glad you did. 🙂

No dog can ever get trained or stay trained WITHOUT your dedication and involvement. It's just w doggy boot camp, all of the hard work and hassle is out of the way. Whether you owned a puppy or a stubborn protective dog with many problems and behavioral issues, a dog boarding and training facility who guarantees their work makes perfect sense.