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Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training

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I promise that it will clear up a lot of confusion. This will come as a shock to many of you, but for the first time ever, Amazon manged to sell more “digital” books than hard AND softcover combined. Now, that definitely says something. (I honestly believe it’s the way of the future. One day, we’ll all be shaking our heads saying: Remember back in the old days when we used to read books off paper? lol)

So as you can guess by now; my book is also going to be in a download format. Besides, the information is what you REALLY care for–not the format.

Keep in mind that you DON’T need to buy any reading devices from Amazon or Barnes & Noble in order to get my book. It’s just the name of their program is called Kindle or Nook. Think of it as downloading an Adobe reader or a flash. You never had to pay a dime to download any of them. It’s the same concept with the Kindle software.

You can even download it with an app to your (IPhone, Android/ any smart phone. Although it comes to more than a 1000 pages in your cell phone. On your desktop, it will be roughly 300 pages.) The more common option is straight onto your computer. If you choose the computer option, Amazon will recognize that you either do or do NOT have their program and will walk you through the download process.

The only way you get to this step is once you “purchase” the book. If you decide to download it to your IPhone, Amazon won’t be able to. You need to do that part from your phone and download the Kindle app first.

It is also totally free. Again, you DO NOT need to have a Kindle reading device from Amazon in order to get this orANY book. (Many made this assumption and we had to clarify that.) Enjoy. It is under ten bucks.

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Oh, and no book or product will have all solid five stars. Nobody’s THAT good. Not even if you look at any books from Dr. Phil, Dr. Oz, Dr. Chopra, Dalai Lama or even Mother Theresa.

Now, who am I to compete with them? 🙂

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Raving Reviews from Top Heavy-Hitters in the Dog Industry:

…You and Cesar are very similar in philosophy. I do hope we get to meet you some day.

–Cesar Millan’s co-Author –Melissa Jo Peltier NY/LA. Producer of
The Dog Whisperer – National Geographic Channel

…I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack.”

–Nicholas Sveslosky | Editor-in-Chief / CEO
FIDO Friendly Magazine

What impresses me most with Kevin is his ability to “understand” a dog’s perception and how to capitalize on it.

–Doctor Ken Pawlowski
President of Sacramento Valley Veterinary Medical Association


Read a Brief Description of the Book:

Did you know that there are over 400 breeds of dogs in the world? Now, how can all these different dogs respond to just one way of training? Welcome to the next level and the future of dog training—The Diverse Method.

From Myths to Mistakes and Secrets to Scams, this Book Exposes:

* 10 Biggest Dog Training Lies that Even “Trainers” Believe!
* How the Dog Training Industry Managed to Skillfully Brainwash All of Us
* Get Your Black Belt in Dog Psychology and Skyrocket Your Results
* Spoiled Dog Test—When and Why Too Much Pampering Can Backfire
* What You Need to Know About Dog Parks and Dog Training Classes

And That’s NOT all. You’ll Also Discover:

* 20 Reasons Why Your Dog Doesn’t “Always” Listen
* Mind-Over-Muscle Secrets that Go Beyond Just Commands
* When to Doubt Your Trainer or “Current” Training Method
* 99% Sweet—1% Vicious! (Signs of Red Zone Dogs Exposed)
* The Best and Worst Dog Trainers under the Microscope

Plus, All About…

* How to Tell if Your Dog’s Gradually Taking Charge
* All the Reasons Why Your Dog Misbehaves around Other Dogs!
* The Make-or-Break Factors—Cracking the Code to Your Success or Failure
* Why It’s Best to Give Treats “After” the Training and NOT Before Commands

In a Nutshell, This is the First Book of its Kind that Teaches You About:

1. Your Dog—Why your dog does what it does/doesn’t do in various scenarios.
2. Yourself—Your overall perception about your dog or all dogs in general.
3. Your Technique—Unravel the strengths and weaknesses of all methods.
4. Your Training Tools—Find out which training tools work and which do not.
5. Your Trainer—The trainer’s method, expertise, expectations and limitations.
6. The Dog Training Industry—Recognize its flaws and how to use the system to your advantage.

The secrets in this book go FAR beyond typical obedience or your day-to-day problem solving. It will force you to re-examine just about everything you’ve ever read, tried, or believed when it comes to your dog, his mindset, and exactly HOW you’ve been training him.

You are not being smart or safe if you narrow it down to only “positive reinforcement” or “negative reinforcement”! Folks, the secret is to follow a “Diverse Reinforcement”!

Now, here’s where it gets more interesting: Almost all trainers, dog schools, and even top canine experts know this, but only a very few choose to teach or practice it. This book will explain why!


Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training

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A Man’s Soul Can Be Judged by the Way He Treats His Dog. — Charles Doran

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