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Success Stories and Real Reviews from Real People

“After only a short time with Kevin, I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack.”

“Comparing Dog Secrets’ Dog Boot Camp to other web sites is like comparing a Hyundai to a Ferrari. It just blows them all away. There is just no comparison.. Very impressive, easy to navigate, informative, and for those of you who prefer to SEE things, the video clip does its magic.

When I talked to Kevin on the phone, I was sold. You really can tell he knows his stuff and is one of the few who can actually deliver results. You’ll love his humor and how much he really loves working with dogs and their owners.

After I send my dog to him, he returned back totally potty trained. Not to forget no more whining, scratching or excessive barking. If you want results. Kevin is your guy.”Robert Turner

“Kevin worked with me and Junior on certain behavioral issues. He helped both us but more importantly me! Realizing I had to modify certain things I was doing that allowed Junior to grow and improve. His style was a perfect fit for us. He did not make me feel bad or stupid and his corrections with Junior was subtle. It was a fun experience for both us!”

“….I have to tell you, the training, encouragement, individual attention, and motivation that followed after leaving our dog at Kevin’s doggie boot camp was astonishing! And the results were phenomenal! Signing up with Dog Secrets was one of the best investments I have ever made!

I receive compliments on a very regular basis regarding how well behaved my dogs are. I impress neighbors and other dog owners with a simple down-stay that is a fun and challenging game to the dogs. I have learned how to train without treats, pain or punishment.

This is a classic case of trusting him to do his magic with your dog. And his doggy boot camp was our only and last hope. Including that Real-Life Dog Training is an excellent VALUE. You, in essence get your own personal trainer, who really cares, WILL return your telephone calls and WILL show up for appointments on time! What more could a dog owner ask for? The cost is well worth it.

Thanks for reading this!”Jim Ackermann

“Before enrolling in Kevin’s program, I did extensive research on dog training. I wanted the best for my dog and I wanted immediate results. I came across Kevin’s website, spoke to him, and he answered all my questions without reservation. I eventually decided to enroll even though it involved driving over 2.5 hours one-way for each lesson!

My Doberman Pinscher was 3 months old when he began his boot camp. I was amazed at all the things Kevin was able to teach my dog within just 2 weeks. All my friends and family have said that they have never seen such a well trained dog at such a young age. I wanted a super-trained dog and Kevin truly delivered!”

“Our experience with Kevin has been terrific. When we first called Dog Secrets, we were desperate. Our dog was a very wild puppy in need of serious behavior modification. She would bite our hands while playing, jump on us, our bed, our couch, and bark when she wanted our attention. Basically, she was running the house. We noticed the difference after the first at home visit.

They listened to our questions and the concerns we were having with Sadie. They offered many solutions and techniques. If one technique wasn’t working we had several others to try. I feel this training is very customized to fit specific needs. I like that the classes are in a realistic setting with distractions such as joggers. It has prepared us for the real situations we will face in the future. Lastly, I appreciate that they are readily available for any questions we have.”Robert Cope

“As someone who has had quite a bit of experience training dogs myself, I really appreciated Kevin’s ‘Real World’ approach to dog training. In some of the other classes I’ve been to, the trainers spent a lot of time focusing on getting the dog to sit straight or on practicing AKC maneuvers; as I wasn’t going to show my dog, this was a waste of time. The combination of home visits and group lessons also worked really well.

The home visits allowed me to work one-on-one with a trainer on my dog’s problem areas, while the classes enabled me to practice around distractions. Kevin also has a great sense of humor and is able to make his students laugh at both themselves and their canine companions.”Leslie Knight

“I have gone to several different dog trainers over the years and I like Kevin’s approach the best. The head instructor “Kevin” has a great sense of humor which makes the final pick up lesson of his doggie boot fun and interesting.

He definitely knows about dogs and they are the best.”Dolores Mayer

“To whom it may concern… Kevin’s dog boarding and training is THE BEST!!! I’ve worked with many dog trainers over the past 20 years, with different breeds. Lately I’ve gravitated to stray/shelter/rescue dogs.

The most challenging has been Kobe- our rescue Akita. Kevin taught us how to work with Kobe, who has become an ambassador for his breed. Kobe has learned to become a joyfully obedient dog, and now lives in peace with the other canines in our household and the world beyond. Kevin is respectful and accommodating of each breed’s and owner’s characteristics – strengths and weaknesses – and works to bring out the best of each.”Josette Purkey

“For over 10 years I have referred clients to Kevin for help with their dogs, whether is was for basic obedience with an unruly puppy or for more serious concerns such as aggression or biting. In the past my referrals were based on the positive feedback I received from my clients that had utilized Kevin’s services.

Recently my wife and I had the opportunity to to have Kevin help us with our own dog who had developed some random aggression toward other dogs after a bad experience at a dog park as well as “fighting” through the fence with our neighbor’s dog.

After one visit by Kevin we had dramatic improvement and with ongoing work have essentially resolved those issues. In addition to that Kevin identified a “problem” with our other, older dog that we had just chalked up to him getting crotchety in his old age and had just “accepted” that was how it would be. Kevin helped us with that as well, and while not perfect it is much better – so apparently you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!

What impresses me most with Kevin is his ability to “understand” a dog’s perception and how to capitalize on it. While I have always been comfortable referring clients to Kevin, after experiencing his services first-hand, I am even more confident that he can truly help with most behavior issues with dogs. You don’t have to accept problem behaviors – even if they are “not a big deal”.Ken Pawlowski, DVM
Chief of Staff - Banfield The Pet Hospitals of Folsom & Lincoln
President - Sacramento Valley Veterinary Medical Association

“…We tried everything, read books, watched Ceasar, etc. Then we had some friends who mentioned their two dogs were at this dog trainer. We figured we had nothing to lose so we called Kevin and took our dog to him the following week.

I will say the hardest part was that he said it would take 10-14 days and as each day passed we really missed our puppy. But, to our delight when our puppy came back she was so mellow compared to before. Kevin spent several hours with my husband and I teaching US how to work with our dog. He was amazing. If I hadn’t seen it first hand I wouldn’t have believed it.

Kevin truly loves animals and has a very kind spirit. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends and family that need their dog to go through training (and need some training themselves).Sharee and Todd English

“My Lab-mix was extremely over-protective, aggressive and fearful. There was no way I could take him around people or dogs without him barking and growling the whole time. In fact, when I walked my dog, people couldn’t even say “good morning” from across the street without him growling and wanting to attack them. Physically, I could barely hold him back) We were in desperate need of major behavior modification and was with Kevin’s broad knowledge of dog training.

His approach is professional, patient, and humorous at the same time. After the first home visit, I began to see a dramatic change in the amount of control I had over my dog. And after completing all of my private lessons, plus the group sessions, I have complete control over my dog in ANY situation.

Now I can take my dog on walks without him barking, or growling. We can go to dog parks without any problems, and Animal Control doesn’t leave warnings on my door anymore! More importantly, I am sure All Breeds Dog Training has saved my dog’s life, not to mention saving me thousands of dollars in lawsuits.

Many thanks to Kevin and Real Life Dog Training, it has truly been a pleasure for both “Cayman” my lab mix and myself.”Sandee B.

“I first took my two dogs to Kevin when they were about a year old. They are both under 15lbs each. I have to say these are two of the best natured, friendliest, sweetest, loving dogs I’ve ever had. That being said they had no training when I dropped them off 2 years ago. I was going on vacation for three weeks and dropped them off with him. When I came back they were fully obedience and leash trained perfectly! I could not have been more pleased.

I continue to board my dogs with Kevin when I go out of town and trust him implicitly. My experience with him has been and continues to be excellent. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who needs training for their dog.”Sarah Garlic

“We went with the V.I.P package and are extremely pleased with our results. There is NO ONE I would more highly recommend for training your dog than Kevin Salem! Jade arrived to him as an unruly, cat chasing, non-listening 5 month old Doberman. She came back to Oklahoma with Kevin and my daughters and I were simply amazed. Not only was she super obedient, but she lost none of her playful sweet spirit. Now, as far as Jade is concerned- no means no, come means come, down means down, stay means stay and there is no in between period.

Kevin really has a true gift, not only relating to dogs, but people as well. I do not think Kevin really realizes just how good he is. I read training books, talked with trainers and did a bunch of research on the internet and made no headway at all with Jade…. Kevin has her for a few weeks and sends me back a dog that I never dreamed could be this good!
We thank Kevin from the bottom of our hearts!”
Holly Johnson, Mariah, Morgan & Jade
Serenity Whitetails

“Kevin’s dog training has helped me train my two Akitas which (most trainers have turned down) who were getting more and more aggressive with each other and strangers. I thought I was going to have to give one of them away, because it was so hard to see them hurt each other.

However, through the training I have learned how to work with them and significantly reduce their aggressiveness. Kevin’s techniques and specific feedback gave me the knowledge I needed to get them to listen to me, instead of them doing whatever they felt like. Kevin is very humane person, and therefore uses humane training techniques which is very important to me. Surprisingly, I noticed a huge difference in only two weeks. I am not embarrassed to walk my dogs in public anymore. Actually, when I walk my dogs now , I get compliments all the time on how well behaved they are, and how well they walk with me.”Cathrine Hashimoto