Sacramento Dog Trainer FAQ Page

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+ Why Would My Dog Listen to 'Me' When YOU Trained Him?

Cesar Millan have been turning dogs around without day-to-day involvement of their owners for years now. He calls it dogs in rehab. Rehab is a different way of saying “doggy boot camp”.

The most impressively trained dogs in the world ALL have been trained by a real expert first. Hard to believe??? Then-

How Do You Explain:

* Dogs for the blind
* Therapy / service dogs
* Hunting dogs
* Search and rescue dogs
* Bomb detection dogs to even-
* Attack trained dogs

Please glance at that list again. Do you care about ANY of those for YOUR dog??? Of course not. You care about:

Jumping Up, Nipping, Barking, Leash Pulling, Potty Training, Not Coming to on or Off leash Obedience Commands!

As you can see; typical dog owners need help with (typical stuff.)

Think of Our Send Off Dog Training As Hotel Room Service:

You leave the room a disaster. Your bed is a mess, dirty towels all over the bathroom floor, soap scum in the sink and tub, plenty of trash left on tables and counters and the TV remote is buried under that mini couch….

But once you return, your room is perfectly clean and tidy. The bed is all made. And if you’re lucky, you may even get a chocolate on your pillow. lol

All you had to do is walk away. That’s how our send away dog training is. Walk away and let us do our magic with your doggie. 🙂

+ Which Areas Do You Serve with House Calls and Boot Camp?

At the Moment We Only Offer House Calls in Los Angeles Region But Have Two Locations For Boot Camp: Doggie Boot Camp in Sacramento and Doggy Boot Camp in Los Angeles.

+ How Many Dogs at One Time Do You Take in Your Boot Camp?

Only 4-6 dogs at a time. Part of it, dog board and train gets booked fast and the other factor is he simply doesn’t want to sacrifice that one-on-one which your dog truly needs.

That’s why it’s best to lock in the spot of your choice with your reservation.

+ How Can I Be Sure that My Dog is (Truly Trained) Before I Come Back?

Unlike others, Kevin will send you a video clip of your dog (a few days before the pick up date). That’s right. No monkey business or guesswork here.

Your satisfaction to see real tangible results is very important!!! We do NOT charge you any extra for providing you video clips of your dog in action and noticed people are highly visual.

+ Do I Need to Stop by So You Also Train Me in that 14 Days?

You do not. That actually confuses and even saddens your poor dog. Not to mention the hassle of driving all the way to Sacramento. Kevin keeps your dog the whole two weeks and then at the very end, does a 90 minute lesson with you and your dog to show you how you stay on top of things. Barabing Baraboom. You guys are done. 🙂

+ What is Your Training Method and Philosophy?

We open your eyes to the future and the next level of dog training—“The Diverse Method.”

It’s not safe or smart to rely on just one way of training as a crutch. The key to greatness is to always have an open mind and a back-up plan.

The reality is NO Method and NO Tool is 100% guaranteed to work every time, on every dog, and with every owner. That is just an undeniable fact!

The Diverse Method has been originated from dog training and is perfected by Dog Psychology.

This means-

Your Dog Will Listen to You Because of Your
Leadership and Following Canine Psychology!

And NOT because he was starved for hours and you waved a slice of beef jerky in front of him.

In a nutshell, the “Diverse Method” is about a careful consideration of your dog’s age, size, temperament, breed, strength, prey drive, as well as meeting your specific goals and expectations.

+ What Can You Teach or Help Me with that I Can't Do Myself?

Let’s be honest; dog training isn’t easy. I’ll actually rephrase that: Training dogs “successfully” is NOT a walk in the park. If it was-

Don’t You Think We’d ALL See Impressively Trained Dogs E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E?!?!

And breaking your dog’s bad habits and solving his behavioral issues is even more difficult. In fact, the most experienced dog experts in the business struggle with delivering results.

Not All Dog Owners Can Handle…

Jumping Up
Barking Excessively
Stealing Food Off Tables

Most Find These Annoying:

Leash Pulling
Snapping and Lunging
Begging, Whining, Scratching
Separation Anxiety

ALL Dog Owners Need Help with:

Off Leash and Distance Response
Play-biting and Jumping Up
Attacking Dogs, People or Your Loved Ones

+ How Old Does My Pup Need to Be? Isn't Eight Weeks Old too Young?

Not at all. Because as soon as you bring a pup home, you will need help with:

Potty Training
Play-biting or constant Mouthing
Barking Excessively
Jumping Up

Don’t forget getting your dog used to sleeping in the crate without howling and screaming through the night.

+ I am Sick of My Dog Chewing Everything Up. Can You Help?

Yes and NO. We actually will reveal the secret or, should we say, the common sense answer, for absolutely FREE. And we wouldn’t tell you any differently, even if you hired Kevin. Please watch the clip below.

You ultimately need to make it impossible for your dog to make any mistakes. Ninety percent of the time your dog is actually taking long naps when you are away. So that destructiveness occurs in the remaining ten percent.

Isn’t that ironic? You’re being nice by giving your dog access to your whole house or your entire yard. And your dog takes advantage of this and abuses it. Play with your dog in your yard, for no more than an hour at a time, keep him supervised or take him for long walks. But, that still does not make your dog’s jaw tired. It helps to get strong, hard toys to chew on. The same advice applies for digging, or you could just call your yard the Swiss Cheese Resort.

+ What Does Your Training Program Entail?

Step One: Pinpointing Your Training Mistakes:

Some of these were right before your eyes all along, some will make you laugh, and some you knowingly were making, but didn’t care, and actually WANTED your dog to get away with murder.

Also, it is NOT how much you work with your dog that counts, but you must look at HOW you actually have been training it.

Step Two: Point Out Your Good Habits:

Although this is extremely rare, there are some of you out there who have done some good things on your own. This obviously proves your determination in seeking different alternatives, as well as getting better, faster results. And we admire you for that.

Step Three: Reveal Our Secrets That Cut Down on Your Training:

This is where you’ll learn ALL the different ways you can train your dog and solve its bad habits, and which will most likely work the best and the fastest for YOU and YOUR DOG.

That’s right. We focus on treating each client and each dog based on their own individual needs. Just like people, every dog is unique.

+ Do I Pick My Dog Up Each Day While He is With Kevin or Only Towards the End?

There are no day-to-day involvement of you with your dog whatsoever until the very end. One, this stresses and confuses the dog. And two, it hinders your training progress.

+ Why This Dog Seems too Stubborn or Not As Bright as My Other Dog(s) in the Past?

Remember, every dog is different. Just like you are not the same as your brothers and sisters or even your parents, same applies to dogs. This is why it’s best to let a pro who does this for a living assist you with reaching your goals and expectations with THIS dog.

+ Which Training Tools Do You Allow or Forbid in Your Training?

What do topnotch trainers use with THEIR dogs? The answer is simple: whatever works best for them and their dogs. Why should it be any different with you? Our job is to properly educate you and let you even TRY a tool of your choice. As long as it is not done in an aggressive or inhumane fashion, we encourage you to be diverse with your choice of training tool.

+ What Can You Possibly Teach a Puppy as Young as 7 or 8 Wk Old?

It’s actually all about educating YOU and correcting your mistakes while building good habits from the start.

The idea is to be proactive. You see, whether you do anything or not, your puppy is still constantly learning. What’s worse, your pup is actually getting away with unacceptable bad habits. They are just like toddlers. We will help you tackle all puppy issues such as:

Housebreaking, play-biting, jumping up, separation anxiety, excitement/fearful urination, crate training, boundary and border training in your home (which rooms do you allow/forbid your pup), and accepting and not fighting or biting the leash.

As far as obedience commands, the only three commands you can teach a pup that young are: Sit, Lie Down, Stay and Come, which we found out through experience seem to be sufficient for desperate pup owners.

+ Why is Off-leash training (Distance Verbal Response) So Important?

Total off-leash means: complete verbal control of your dog under ANY circumstances.

Whether you give your dog a command or want to stop his unwanted bad behavior such as: Jumping, Barking, Mouthing, Scratching, Snapping, Stealing Off Counters, Whimpering, Chasing Cats, to even Peeing and Pooping where NOT allowed, if you always depend on a leash or a cookie to get your dog to mind you, sorry, but your dog isn’t really off-trained trained. (It is cookie-trained.)

+ How Many Times a Day Do You Work with My Dog and Is That Enough?

Kevin trains your dog twice daily based on his/her needs and age.

Let's face it; it is highly unlikely you and your family will be able to continue with training three times a day for the rest of your dog's life. However, once a day, or even three times a week, is realistic and achievable for most of us.

+ What's the FASTEST Way to Reserve the (Exact Start Date) of My Choice?

Unlike many other boot camp schools, Kevin doesn’t charge you an arm and a leg and prefers his rates to be reasonable. Some dog boot camps charge you three to seven thousands of dollars.

Therefore, it’s very typical that he gets booked very fast. Please call in advanced to lock in your spot with your five hundred reservation fee.