A Trained Dog = A Happier Life
Don’t Just Try Some Lame Kennel or Pet Sitter.
Here’s Why Boot Camp Makes Sense:


Be Honest. If You Are:

• Too Busy or Can't Train This Dog on Your Own.
• Staying Home Mommy w an Unruly Dog. 
• Leaving Town for Business, Pleasure or Family Issues.
• Keeping Your Dog Away From Guests or Your Kids...
You're Mad and Frustrated Due to:

• You Always Get in Major Arguments Because of Your Dog.

• No Other Dog Trainer or Classes Seemed to Deliver Solid Results.

• All Other Dog Schools/Trainers Did Was Treat Bribery.
• Soooo Close to Get Rid of it. And This is Truly Your Last Hope.

If So, Then You Need to Try Our-

(Unruly Dog Plan)

Just Imagine. NO MORE:

Biting or Snapping
Jumping Up on Kids/Guests
Barking Nonstop
Leash Biting or Pulling

Only the Top 1% of Dog Trainers Truly Know What Works on:

Potty Training 
 Stop Counter Surfing
 Polite Car Manners
Bolting Out / Not Coming

We Even Help You with…

Bolting Out the Door
 Bothering Your Cat/Other Dog 
 Responding Off Leash 

1,795 – Unruly Boot Camp – Only 10-14 Days – Lifetime Guarantee and Support. (Located in Sacramento & Los Angeles)

Unruly Dog Boot Camp: Means Your Dog is Nice but Also Naughty, Hyper, Stubborn, Untrained but Definitely NOT Unpredictable.


(Unpredictable Dog) Boot Camp 
Helps You w Serious Issues:
      • Your Dog Being Protective of You
      • Goes Crazy Lunging at ANY Dog it Sees
      • Leash Reactive – You Keep Dodging Every Dog On Walks
      • Family or Guests Can’t Come Over Because of Your Dog
    • When Next to You, Nobody Can Move the Dog, Hug You or Even Shake Your Hand Without Your Dog Attacking
    • Bites You, Your Kid, Spouse or Your Other Dog
    • Guards or Steals Things Whenever it Feels Like, and Once You Try to Get it Back, It Full on Attacks You  
      • Your Dogs Get in Major Fights in Your Household
    • Can’t Toss and Turn on Your Own Bed Because Your Dog Snaps, Growls and Full on Bites You
    • Worry What He’ll Do If He Gets Loose to Strangers or Other Dogs
    • Distance Response (Especially w Real-Life Distractions)
    • Tries to Kill Your Poor Kitty – It’s Not Just Chasing
    • Attacks Joggers, Cars, Squirrels, Skateboarders
    • Bolts Out or Plays Keep Away (Not Reliable Off Leash at All)
      • Fence Fighting w the Neighbor’s Dog(s)
    • Serious Bites that Broke the Skin or Needed Serious Medical Attention.

PRICE: 2,500 

IMPORTANT: Let’s Face it. Unpredictable Means Just THAT–UNPREDICTABLE.

It’s a DO OR DIE situation with These Dogs and the Reason You’re Paying More is Because it is Considered a Higher Risk Case and it’s Far More Work.

Not Only Your Dog Will Act the Same, But IT. Always. Gets. Worse.

In 25 yrs in the Field, Our Dog Prodigy Has Turned Around Hundreds of These Red Zone Cases. And If Your Dog is Untrainable, He Will REFUND Every Brown Penny.

2,500 is Chump Change Compared to Putting Your Dog Down, Hefty Vet Bills, Losing Your Home Insurance, Your Dog Having a Record w the Animal Control, Law Suits or Just Living in Fear for the Rest of Your Dog’s Life.

 Dog Prodigy is Two Weeks in Los Angeles and Two in Sacramento. He is One of the Few Rare Experts Who Accepts AND Deliver Remarkable Results w Dominant Dogs. We Are NOT Referring to Just Obedience but Rather Behavioral Issues.  

Talk is Cheap. Watch the Clip for Proof!!! 

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
Takes Dogs in His Camp All the Time

You most likely know of his show. He calls it dogs in rehab. Call it rehab or boot camp, it’s the same concept.

Just like playing sports, learning to play a music instrument, or losing weight:

As long as you stay consistent with the program and you obviously will HAVE our full support–your dog WILL remain trained and well-mannered for life. Whether you live in Los Angeles or Sacramento, our dog boot camp comes with a written guarantee.

Our dog boarding and training works much better and faster because most of the hard work is done and over with.

Because in a drop off dog training which is the same as dog board and train fashion, you relax at home and we give you a (trained dog) back. Period.

This is why boot camp training for dogs makes more sense for many frustrated or busy dog owners.

If you’re looking for dog training boot camp for your puppy in Los Angeles or Sacramento CA where (you leave your dog to be trained) or a board and train dog school, you came to the right place. We are the only doggy boot camp in Los Angeles that also offers house calls all over SoCal. Doggy Boot Camp Just Makes Sense AND it Works.

Please. Don’t Yell, Hit, or Get Rid of Your Poor Dog. Let Me Help You Train it. – The Dog Prodigy


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