Dog Being Protective? – WRONG! It’s Being a Bully, Reactive or Aggressive

If your dog is totally losing his s**t every time he sees a dog, a person, or when you’re having company over, your dog is being reactive. Sorry. You can’t call that (protective) because you are rarely under a real Threat.

Think about it. Most of the the time the other dog across the street is friendly, a harmless puppy or even a playful dog. lol

So every time your dog acts that way, you are clearly NOT the one in charge. This is why your pooch acts as if he/she owns you and makes his own rules. These dogs sometimes won’t even let anyone come near you.

You have the dog kicking back on the couch with you or even worse, on your lap. And nobody dares to shake your hand, let alone give you a friendly hug without losing a finger.

This is a classic sign of: Get away from my mommy. She’s all mine. I own her. Again, you are the weakest link here and the dog sees you as a mommy figure but not as the one in charge of him/her.

If you disagree, with me. Then why is it you are completely clueless and helpless when you want your dog to shut up and quit his/her charging, growling, snapping or lunging??

Even a trained attack dog needs to stop when you tell it to, right? Why can’t you stop your dog? A-ha. Cause YOU. ARE. NOT. IN. CHARGE.

Hey, I kinda do this for a living and you don’t. hahaha