Best Doggy Boot Camp by a Pro – Puppy or Adult Dogs

In Our Boot Camp We Take 8 Week Old Pup and Older 


We Don’t Need 30-60 Days to Train Your Dog.
After all, It’s a Dog NOT a Dragon! 😉

A Trained Dog = A Happier Life!


Be Honest. If You Are:

• Going on a Vacation or a Trip 
• Alwys Argue Because of Your Dog

• Staying Home or You’re Retired 
• Getting Frustrated / Embarrassed

Or, Perhaps Your:

• Previous Trainer Was Clueless 
• Having Guests Staying Over 
• Need to Get or Heal from a Surgery
• This Dog is Too Much For You

It’s Simple: We Do the Hardest Part:

You Get a Polite AND Trained Dog Back!


!!! Doggie Boot Camp !!!

Kevin Offers Two Plans:


#1: “Unruly Dog” Boot Camp 

Just Imagine. No More:

Biting or Nipping
Jumping Up
Leash Pulling

Maybe You Need Help with:

Potty Training 
 Stealing Food Off Tables
 Polite Car Manners
Bolting Out / Not Coming

To Even Tackling…

 Not Going Crazy w Your Guests
 Staying NO Matter What 
 Responding Off Leash 
 Listening Around New Dogs 

1,495 – Only Fourteen Days 

STICKER SHOCK: As you see, Kevin doesn’t charge thousands and thousands of dollars to train your dog for you. It’s a dog for crying out loud–not a dragon. 

Even worse, abandoning your dog for 30 or 60 days. This totally ruins the bond with your best friend.

But if you still prefer to pay us 5,000-7000, your dog better play the piano, help the kids with their homework and wash your car for you when you get it back. LOL

Look, Kevin loves what we he does and truly WANNA help, but by being reasonable and WITHOUT breaking your bank.

A Trained Dog = A Happier Life 🙂

IMPORTANT: 99.9999% of ALL Dogs Can Be w the Above Plan. That’s Right. 14 Days is All it Takes with Kevin. Get 200 Off w the 2nd Dog.  

#2: “Cujo Dog” Boot Camp

For Dog Aggressive Dogs

If Your Dog Acts Like a Psycho Dog…

 As Soon as it spots ANY dog
 Gets leash aggressive on walks
 Attacks your other dog 
Bullies or knocks down your kids

This Plan Has NO Expiration Date – You Can Bring Your Dog Back or Do As Many Private Lessons as it Takes.

You Also Get All of Previous Plan

2,500. For 3 Weeks.

Interested in Boot Camp? Call (916) 247-2499


Talk is Cheap. Watch the Clip for Proof!!! 

Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
Takes Dogs in His Camp All the Time

You most likely know of his show. He calls it dogs in rehab. Call it rehab or boot camp, it’s the same concept.

Just like playing sports, learning to play a music instrument, or losing weight:

As long as you stay consistent with the program and you obviously will HAVE our full support–your dog WILL remain trained and well-mannered for life. We give you a written guarantee on it.

Doggie boot camp works much better and faster because most of the hard work is done and over with.

Because in a dog boot camp which is the same as dog boarding and training fashion, you relax at home and we give you a (trained dog) back. Period.

This is why boot camp training for dogs makes more sense for many frustrated or busy dog owners.

If you’re looking for dog training boot camp for your puppy in CA where (you leave your dog to be trained) or a board and train dog school, you came to the right place.

As you can see on top of our website, we specialize in dog boot camp training for puppies to stubborn adult dogs. Our send away dog training aka dog bootcamp is WITHOUT the boot. Cesar Millan made doggy boot camps famous. Since it is far easier to keep a (trained dog) on track, than a totally unruly brat!!!

Please Don’t Yell, Hit, or Get Rid of Your Poor Dog. Let Me Help You Train it. – Kevin Salem

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