Best Dog Training Bay Area – San Francisco’s Top Trainer

I noticed an interesting pattern about dog trainers in bay area: Most are obsessed in using treats while obedience training a dog. You see, you really want to rely on: Praise, Leadership, Technique and Dog Psychology. I’m a professional dog trainer who taught group classes, private lessons and now, more busy with doggy boot camps.

For some reason, most frustrated dog owners from San Francisco are impressed with my dog boot camp and my rates being reasonable. Don’t get me wrong. I can’t beat 150 bucks of few weeks of group classes that all the positive reinforcement rave about. But who can take their dog to those and how much can you really expect out of it?

What’s best about boarding your dog while being trained is all the hard work is done. Then I train and educate you and your family so you guys know how to stay on top of things. Now when you think about it, doesn’t dog boot camp make more sense? If so, please click on my boot camp page. 🙂

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