Dog Boot Camp
Los Angeles & SoCal Territory


Let Me Guess:


You Are Holding Meatballs So Your Dog-
Ingores Other Dogs or Strangers.  Hahaha… 


We Got:

Mr. Dog Whisperer…
Dog Wizard…
Dog Dude…

Here. Comes. The.


Would You Rather Bribe With: 


 * Cheese * Hot Dogs
* Ham * Chicken * Beef Jerky?!?

Or . . .


Doesn’t it Make More Sense to Use:


Praise * Leadership * Technique *
* Diversity * Psychology? 

Don’t Piss Down My Back.
Then Tell Me it’s Raining!!!
If You Are Using Treats Nonstop. Sorry-


A Trained Dog = Happy Life 


Jumping, Biting, Barking, Bolting, Attacking or Even Potty Training…


Basically if it Rhymes with: ING –
Try Zeddicus King 



* Jumping Up

* Biting (Play or Slay)

* Barking

* Stealing Food Off Counters

* Leash Pulling



* Being Protective

* Potty Training

 * Charging or Lunging at Dogs

* Listening Off-leash


Call it by Choice or Chance…
You Ended Up Here For a Reason!!!


That Sounds Cheesy but it’s Also True.

Five Solid Facts About Our Dog Prodigy:


1. Zeddicus is a True Grandmaster Who Has Worked w Dogs All His Life. He is Knowledgable, Versatile, Easy to Reach and Fun to Work with.


2. Group Class Dog Trainers Usually Teach Part Time. Yep. For Fun. And As a Hobby. Sadly, People Rarely Take Hobbyists Seriously. LOL


Zedd King Does This As a PROFESSIONAL!!! Rookie vs. Pro?!?! Sorry. Like Anything in Life–Dedication–and EXPERIENCE MATTER!!!


3. Most Shy Away from Challenging Cases. Even Dog Behaviorists or the Very Best Dog Trainers in Los Angeles or Anywhere Else Are Clueless When it Comes to Delivering Results with:


  • Housebreaking
  • Overprotectiveness
  • Being Reliable Off-Leash


NOT OUR DOG PRODIGY!!! Puppy to Protective Dogs. Doesn’t Matter to Zeddicus!


4. He Never Treats People Like Dogs. Face it. As Nice As Dogs Are, They Are Still Very Broke and Can’t Refer You to Nobody. HAHA


5. Your Dog Will NOT Get (Over-trained) by Him. This Means Your Baby Will STILL Have His/her Spirit or Personality. NO Broken Dog with a Sad Story. GUARANTEED. Click Here to Read Zedd’s Bio


American vs. European Dogs:


Have You Ever Been to Europe? Zeddicus Has! You Literally See Nice and Obedient Dogs. Every. Where. You. Go. Whether Be France, Germany, Italy, Austria or Belgium. Well, This Can’t Be a Coincidence. Dogs Are Dogs Whether You Are in Los Angeles or Paris. But-


It is HOW You Train, Not How Much that Makes All the Difference!!!


Time to Master the Most Jealously Guarded-


!!! Dog Training Secrets !!!

Whether Your Dog is Sweet or Psycho– Doesn’t Matter to Zeddicus.

He Believes They ALL Deserve an Honest Shot!!!

Zeddicus Comes to YOU:

Even if You Don’t Care About Our Dog Boarding & Training aka Dog Training Boot Camp, Zeddicus Offers House Calls All Over Los Angeles Territory. Issues Such As: Jumping Up, Barking, Biting, Leash Pulling, Being Protective, Bolting Out the Door, Counter Surfing, Shyness, Dog-to-dog Aggresion–All Can Be Addressed w Private In-Home Lessons! Click Here For Home Dog Training.

Doggie Boot Camp WITH Doggy Daycare

Don’t Just Kennel Your Dog or Rely on a Nice but Clueless Dog Sitter. Our Dog Boarding w Training Makes Perfect Sense. You Basically Get a Trained Dog While You Walk Away for a Bit and Take Alll the Credit. The Only Dog Boot Camp in Los Angeles for Puppy to Stubborn or Grouchy Adult Dogs. Best For Frustrated, Have a Hectic Schedule, Leaving Town, Staying Home Mom with Rowdy Kids, In Process of Moving, Remodelig, or Admit. You-Just-Can’t-Do-it w THIS Dog. Face it. If Training Dogs Was Easy, You’d See Well-Behaved Dogs All Over Los Angeles.  Click Here For Doggie Boot Camp at Los Angeles

!!! Attention !!!

Dog Kennel Owners

Due to High Demand, Zedd is Looking to Expand to Multiple Locations All Over Los Angeles.

Don’t Just Settle for Some Lame Dog Trainer. Why Not Have a DOG PRODIGY on Your Team?!? Contact Him Directly: (714) 365-6795


WOOF: Basicailly Zeddicus is Looking for a Facility w Friendly Staff, Clean Kennel, Responsible Management
Who MUST BE Kind to ALL Dogs. NO Exception.
The Outcome? A Win-win for All of US. 😉

So Exactly Why Using Treats Gets You a Half A** Trained Dog:

Pet stores classes & dog obedience training and even Dog Behaviorists recommend you carry hot dogs with you 24/7. Here is Why Positive Reinforcement Gets You a Negative Outcome:


* Bribing w Treats isn’t Natural nor Practical.

* Some Dogs Prefer to Go After Dogs, People or Cats NO MATTER WHAT!!!

* Your Dog Puts on a Show For Treats in (Private) But WILL Play Deaf and Dumb Out in a Real-Life Scenario.

* Using Treats is Basically (OH NO. Give me that. Here’s your favorite treat instead.)

* Like Kids, Following Rules MUST BE followed No Matter What. So You’re Not Asking Your Dog to Work. It’s to Obey Commands w or Without Treats. 

* Some Dogs Lose Focus the Min They See or Smell ANY Treats.

* You Were Brainwashed that Your Dog Will Eventually Listen 100% WITHOUT Food.


Would You Still-
Work for FREE From Now On?
Then Why Should Boomer?


  • Even the Best Treats Don’t Do Jack From a Distance.
  • You’re Making Your Dog Fat, Demanding, a Begger and a Counter-Surfer.
  • You Are Not Really Using Dog Psychology When You’re the Briber in Chief. Anyone Can Bribe or Lure. Doesn’t Take NO Talent or Skills Whatsoever.

Zeddicus Will Help You Get a Dog That . . .

  • Listens Around Your Guests.
  • Walks Politely Around ANY Dog
  • Treat or NO Treat, Your Dog Will Obey Commands
  • You Don’t Have to Starve Your Poor Dog Before it Pays Attention or Keep Buying Different Kinds of Treats. Hot Dogs, Meatballs, Chicken, Cheese, Ham, Beef Jerky and blah blah blah.

Why Group Classes Suck. Badly!!! 

  • Pretty Much Dogs Constantly Barking, Whining, Pulling Their Owners
  • You Can’t Get Everyone Involved in Your Family
  • Your Dog May Listen There but Act Like a Moron at Home
  • Even a Great Trainer Can’t Do Much w a Large Group

Common Belief: If I only had more time I’d train my dog myself. I’m just too busy these days.


FACT: No offense, but you were never a professional dog trainer in your previous life. Just imagine our Zeddicus trying to do YOUR line of work?

Common Belief: My dog is too young or too old to change. I’ll wait or it’s just too late.


FACT: NO dog is too young or too old to learn right from wrong. It is wrong to: Jump, Nip, Bark, Charge, Snap, Play Keep Away, Bite, Attack or Pee and Poop Everywhere. Our master dog trainer is experienced in dog behavior modification and WILL solve every one of these problems.

Common Belief: I know, I just need to be consistent. That’s why my dog isn’t trained.


FACT: Doing something consistently WRONG isn’t smart or productive. After all, it is NOT practice that makes perfect. It is CORRECT practice that brings progress.

Besides, whether you are from Los Angeles or not, you probably only owned a few dogs in your lifetime. Umm…. Sorry. That STILL doesn’t make you a pro dog trainer. Just like driving for decades doesn’t always make an efficient driver.

Again, our Dog Prodigy has trained THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of dogs in 25 years. Now compare that to the 1-4 you were around dogs. You can count the dogs you grew up with too. lol

Offering topnotch Dog Boot Camp in Los Angeles.  If you are sick of not seeing much progress by in home dog trainers in LA or ineffective group classes, our Doggy Boot Camp is legit and results Will. Show. It. You see, most Puppy Boot Camp in Los Angeles use treats instead of praise and psychology.

The way our Dog Training Boot Camp works in Los Angeles is your dog will see you as it’s Mommy, Daddy, Best Friend AND Teacher and of cours–Leader.

Get your dog Boarded & Trained w Us and prepared to be blown away by the outcome. Don’t just kennel your dog. Use us w your Dog Boarding and Training needs for Puppy, Protective, Sweet or Psycho dogs.  We also offer doggy daycare w our Boot Camp for Dogs in Los Angeles and SoCal.

Unlike most puppy boot camp dog trainers, we guarantee both of our board and train programs. In fact, even with a puppy or an adult dog, our drop off dog training in Los Angeles is our most popular program. In case you are wondering, dog camp or puppy camp is the same concept as sending your dog away to be trained.

Serving: Los Angeles CA, Torrance, SoCal, San Diego, Orange County, Anaheim, Santa Ana, Huntingtion Beach, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Costa Mesa

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