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Shhhhhh... You Are About to Expose the-
Secret World of Dog Training AND Dog Trainers!!!

Thought-Provoking Articles (For Those Who Love to Read!)

House Calls -- Boot Camp -- THE Book

Call it by Choice or by Chance, You Ended Up Here for a Reason.

Look, any BOZO can teach a dog to sit, roll over, give a paw or even stay for a few seconds, while the dog's staring at his favorite treat.

!!! POW !!!

Did you see how that got your attention? Perhaps it offended you, made you smile, made you laugh or maybe it reminded you of Christopher Walken?!

Either way, you can't deny that it caught you off guard and got your attention, didn't it? Well, That's how the rest of this site is written! You'll definitely get that whistle blower feel from it.


Learn What REALLY Works, What Doesn't and What
Stops Working Altogether.

Let's Face it. Not All of You Can Stop Your Dog's:

Counter Surfing
Leash Pulling
Annoying Whining

Aren't You Just Sick of Your Dog...

Embarrassing You Around Your Guests?
Peeing, Pooping and Sneaky Marking Everywhere?
Getting Overprotective w/ Other Dogs, Strangers or Kids?
Attacking or Fighting Thru the Fence to Scare People and Dogs?

Any Dumbass Who Pushes to Train Your Dog by...

Yelling, Bending or Holding a Treat While Repeating Watch Me
Constantly repeating, Eh-eh, Eh-eh, like a moron. Hint: Petsmart
Getting Physical/Abusive - NO Need to Hit or Slam Your Poor Dog.

Is taking you for a joyride! (Keep Reading. This Gets More Interesting!)


Is it Fair to Say That What You've Tried on Your Own Hasn't Really Worked That Well or Else You Wouldn't Be Reading This?

Despite of what you've tried, what you've heard, how many best dog training books or dog psychology books you've read or how many dog training classes you've attended—the information on this site will come at you from a totally different angle and will open new doors to your ultimate success.

Are you ready? Because everything you ever knew about your dog's way of thinking, your training method and even your current or previous trainer is soon about to change.

What we've revealed here WILL make you sad and mad
to find how skillfully you've been brainwashed, misled and even scammed all along by numerous sources and even by so-called dog experts out there.

Our Challenge: To educate you with cold hard facts so you won't put up with any more of your dog's bad habits, you won't argue about your dog misbehaving or ignoring your commands by embarrassing you in front of your guests or perfect strangers. And of course, to open your eyes AND your mind so you-

Don't Get Rid of the Your Poor Dog, but Rather Get Rid of the Problems!

Wouldn't be nice whether your dog is big or small, puppy or old, sensitive or psycho, to know "exactly" the cause of your success or failure in training your dog? We all want our dogs to listen everywhere and every time, don't we?

One thing is for sure. Whether you use our services, order our dog psychology book or just browse around, we promise that you won't leave empty-handed and find the information revealed in this site extremely eye-opening and thought-provoking.

Our Qualification: Unlike thousands of dog trainers out there who train for fun or as a hobby, we do this for a living and have helped dog owners from all over the world.

NO Crowded Classes - NO Fake Photo Shopped Pictures
NO Need to Drag Your Whole Family to Some Ranch

Hey Now. Stop that Long Sigh and that Eye Rolling.
Watch Us in Action in the Video Clip Below!

They Say, "A Picture Says a Thousand Words." But, Nowadays...

PICTURES ALSO LIE! ( A-hem. Photo Shop! )

See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW" in the Clip Above!!

FACT: 97% of Dog Trainers and Dog Schools Struggle When it Comes to...

Getting Your Dog to Listen Without Constantly Bribing it with Lots of Treats
Complete Off-leash Control of Your Dog - Because it Sucks to Have that Doubt
Housebreaking - No More Peeing, Pooping or Sneaky Marking All Over Your House
Overprotectiveness w/ Dogs, People, Your Cat or Even Towards You and Your Family...

Lucky For You... This Site Falls Under that Rare 3%!!!


!!! 10 Warning Signs of Bad Dog Trainers !!!


They Are Rude, Pushy, Condescending on the Phone AND in Person

These guys may love your dog and your money, but they can’t stand people and in my honest opinion, should be in a different field. Let’s face it, if you don’t get a good vibe from someone from their website, on the phone, or even in person, look elsewhere. You'll be stuck with them for weeks or even months down the road. At the same token, I've met many wonderful individuals who delivered poor or no results.


They Rely Heavily on the Use of Treats for Everything

Don’t be one of those owners that can’t do much without holding a cookie. It's best to use goodies once in a while and as a surprise. Even better, use them at the "very end" of your training sessions. If you show your dog the treat prior giving a command, sorry, your dog is actually listening because of the treat. (Your dog should listen to you because you said so and because you are his provider!)


They Fall Under Your Typical "Obedience" Trainer

These trainers might know how to teach your dog to walk on a loose leash, stay for a few seconds or lie down, but don’t have a clue how about behavioral issues. I'm talking about being able to solve over-protectiveness towards other dogs, towards people, anxiety, to get it completely housetrained, stop it from jumping up, barking, fighting, nipping, biting and deal with fearfulness.


They Push For Group Classes and Hate Doing Private Lessons

Even the most skilled and the most experienced trainers can’t do much in a group setting. This is just a fact. Every dog owner comes with their own separate agendas. In these classes is where dogs lunge at each other, bark, growl, whimper, pull on leash or even try attack one another nonstop. How is this productive? Sometimes you end up with a dog that somehow listens in the class, but runs the show at home or may listen at home, but makes you look like an idiot in front of total strangers. Most group class trainers will NOT offer any house calls or private lessons even if their life depends on it.


They Don’t Give You Any References or Let You Observe a Class

Okay. Although you rarely accomplish much in a group class, a trainer should still let you observe any class of your choosing. It’s even worse if they refuse to give out any references. Look, if you do a great job, people naturally rave about you. So if a trainer gets offended or even mad at you when you ask for a reference--definitely count that as another red flag!


They Refuse to Get Everyone in Your Family Involved with the Training

If the trainer gets annoyed or upset when others want to be involved in training the dog, this indicates they want “you” to carry on the torch all by yourself. So what will end up happening is the dog may listen only to that one family member and become a pain in the behind for everyone else. You'll definitely pay the price once that individual isn’t around or worse, out of town.


They Tell You to Ignore Your Dog’s Bad Behavior

Yes, you read it correctly. They tell you to ignore your dog’s jumping up, barking or whatever and WAIT until your dog actually stops on its own. Hmm… isn’t that the same as not doing Jack?!?! Why even hire an expert in the first place if you can just ignore it all on your own and lose your sanity for free? Oh, the same trainers might also recommend that you never ever say NO to your dog. Their solution: Try saying “Eh-eh” or even worse, bark, growl or yelp like a puppy. Sorry. But NO, means NO, means NO!!!


They Are too Harsh with Their Training Method.

Although I agree that every dog is different. Those that do need a firmer approach, doesn’t mean that they need to get their ass kicked. So please, no hitting, yelling, hanging or slamming your poor dog on its back to prove your point. The only time you need to go to this extreme is to save yourself, a loved one, or a pet for being viciously attacked.


They Will NOT Let You Try a Different Training Tool

You always hear trainers preach: Never use choke chains, only gentle leaders, no pinch collars in my class, we only use shock collars or blah blah blah. The truth is, no tool works every time, on every dog and with every owner. Don't be afraid to experiment and never limit your options. Find the one tool that gets your dog’s attention no matter how tempting the distraction may be. This simply means that particular tool should stop your dog from misbehaving around other dogs, cats, kids, squirrels or moving cars.

If someone insists that they know better, challenge them by handing over your dog's leash and say: Here, please show me what you’ve got and the tool in which you swear by. And it better work right NOW! (Hint: That's how you'll know if the tool is getting your dog's attention. It will work immediately. It won't take eight weeks. Eight seconds is more like it.)


They Don't Bother Returning Your Calls or Check on Your Progress.
(Especially Once You Already Paid Them!)

This is where you find out about someone’s morals and ethics. How responsive they are AFTER you already paid them or after that credit card transaction goes through. For example, there are many trainers that cheat you out of your money with fake lifetime follow ups. When you get to read the fine print on their contract, you’ll find that it was only a lifetime of phone consultation. Hey, there are crooks in every field and dog training isn’t any different.

Written by Master Trainer and Author, Kevin "The Dog Prodigy" Salem.

Now, Be Honest Here. If You Are Just...

* Too Busy or Even a Bit Lazy to Train Your Dog Yourself
* Unable to Solve Your Dog's Annoying Habits on Your Own
* Leaving Town for Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas Holiday
* In the Process of Moving or Remodeling Your Home or Yard

Or, Perhaps You Are...

* Staying at Home Mom and the Kids Kick Your Butt Like the Dog
* Going on Vacation or Have to Leave Town on a Business Trip
* Studying for an Exam - Needing Surgery or Recovering from One
* Disappointed by the Results You Got from the Previous Trainers...

Then You Should Definitely Consider Our Drop Off Dog Training.

Now, I Know Some of You Are Wondering...

Why Would My Dog Listen to "Me" When--YOU--Trained Him?

!!! Here's How We Bust This Myth Once and For All !!!

No dog trainer can argue with the fact that the most impressively trained dogs in the world
have all been trained by an actual expert first.

If You Don't Believe Us, Just Think of All Those:

* Dogs for the blind
* Therapy and service dogs
* Hunting dogs
* Search and rescue dogs
* Bomb detection dogs and even-
* Attack trained dogs

You guessed it. Almost all of these dogs have been professionally trained in a board and train
fashion by an expert and WITHOUT the owners' involvement. The owners or the handlers came in the picture AFTER the dog was completely trained. You may research this for yourself.  

So Why Some Challenge or Even Doubt Doggie Boot Camps?

Someone might ask you why not train your own dog? You should answer their question with another question: Why we bother hiring an accountant, a mechanic, a contractor or even an attorney? We do so because:

A- Not all of us have a clue on what we’re doing.
B- Some of us who do know, can’t make the time for it.
C- We don’t want to do a sloppy job or even worse, mess everything up even worse.

In other words, we want it done by a real "professional" and not by some "wannabe!"

Look, training dogs effectively is a rare skill that not everyone has fully mastered. Noticed, I said, "effectively!" Just grab your local phone book and flip through its pages. Unless you live in a very small unknown town, you’ll find hundreds of doctors, attorneys, plumbers and mechanics there, but only a very few dog trainers or dog schools. Now think about how many of those very few might be good, great or even a brilliant. I think I've made my point.

Doggie Boot Camp - (Our Most Famous Package!)

Wouldn't you agree that it is much easier to stay on top of your dog's training once he is already trained to your standard?

People ship their dogs to us from all over the country. With today’s busy lifestyle, we found that many owners actually prefer the "expert" do all the hard work for them. Think of it as getting your home back super clean, or a super shiny car that has been detailed by a professional. Most of us would want to keep it that way.

Again, maintenance appeals to most owners which is why this program is our top and most popular option. But it is still your dog, your choice, your headache.

IMPORTANT: We totally agree with skeptics who preach that YOU, as the owner of your dog, must be involved in its training every step of the way. The truth is, you'll find this process far more effective when you come in the picture at the very "end" of your dog's training. And we will happily prove this to you.

In fact, once you get your dog back from us completely trained, that's when all of your doubt, the hassle and the hard work will be out of the way. Bottom line, our boot camp gives you a nudge or a jump-start if you will.

Unlike the majority of doggy bootcamps, we accept puppies from nine-week-old to ten-year-old dogs. So no dog is too young or too old to learn right from wrong, and what acceptable behavior is and what isn't. Our drop off training is a lot like sending your naughty dog or puppy to a charm school. Please note that our Send Off Dog Training has the highest demand.

To Check for Availability, Click Here Send Away Dog Training!

We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

--Chuck Palahniuk

This Book Gives You a Totally New Perspective About:

1. Yourself - Your thoughts, beliefs and perception of your current and previous dogs.
2. Your Dog - Why and how your dog thinks and responds in different scenarios.
3. Your Method – Unravel the strengths and weaknesses of different techniques.
4. Your Tools – Which training tools work and which eventually stop working.
5. Your Trainer - Their philosophy, expertise, expectations and limitations.
6. The Dog Training Industry – How to use the system to your advantage.

It took ten years of hard work, intense research, and studying thousands of cases
to write this book.

My Mission: To Find All the Reasons Why Dogs Didn't Thrive to Their Fullest Potential.

I was actually shocked to find that the "real cause" had very little to do with the dogs' age, breed, size, intelligence, history, or even personality, but had everything to do with the
“human element.”

Dog owners and even dog trainers from all around the globe were skillfully misled, influenced and even brainwashed. Sadly, all these factors had a tremendous affect on their beliefs, attitude, technique, drive, sense of hope, creativity, and of course--their level of success.

Book's Description: This book introduces you to the next level and the future of dog training —“The Diverse Method.” Be prepared to take a deeper look at the underground world of dog trainers and modern dog training from an insider's perspective.

If there are more than four hundred different breeds of dogs in this world, how can they possibly all respond to only one way of training? I bet you probably never even considered that fact. You see, every dog was bred specifically for a purpose. So for any expert to argue that you can train each and EVERY ONE with just Positive Reinforcement or Negative Reinforcement proves their arrogance, lack of experience and lack of versatility in their technique.

The secret is to follow a "Diverse Reinforcement" because, just as with people, dogs don't always respond to a strictly positive or negative approach.

Here's Where it Gets Even More Interesting.
All Dog Trainers Know This, But Only a Few Teach it in Their Method.

!!! Now Did I Get Your Attention??? !!!

Look, you are definitely not going to be safe, smart or successful if you blindly rely on just one way of training as a crutch. The key to greatness is to arm yourself with various of different training techniques that can prepare you for ANY dog, despite of the age, size, strengths, intelligence, past history or personality. Again, I am talking about being "Diverse" because no method and no dog training tool is guaranteed to work in every situation and on every dog. Now that's just a fact!

This is one of those rare books that will make you smile, make you laugh, make you think and challenge you to push yourself far beyond your leash and your bag of treats. It is filled with life lessons along with my incredible journey with dogs from all walks of life.

And if you are the sensitive type, you may get a few lumps in your throat. I've spent a decade writing this book, which inspired me to learn something from every dog, every owner and every trainer I've encountered. So in a way, the book has grown with me.

My hope is you appreciate the power of being diverse and how you see and communicate with your pooch from a dog's perspective.

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"
Master Dog Trainer / Author

!!! Mistakes that Successful Trainers Never Ever Make !!!

Mistake #1: Hitting, yelling, hanging or slamming your dog on its back to make him listen or submit. (Hint: You want your dog to respect you and NOT necessarily fear you.)

Mistake #2: Relying heavily on the use of treats instead of your praise and technique. For example, give the poor dog his food for God's sake. Nobody asks you to do bunch of back flips or jump through hoops before feeding you. Plus he's really doing it for the food, not you.

Hint: You'll be far more effective if you give your dog treats at the very "end" of your training sessions and NOT before each command. Treat or not treat, your dog should Sit, Stay or Lie Down for you and because you said so and not because he sees/smells chicken in your hand.

Mistake #3: Plain refusing to say "NO" to your dog and instead, correcting it with funny terms and noises like: Eh, Uh-Uh, or worse of all, barking or growling at your dog to make your point. Hmm... now, who's the animal here?

Mistake #4: Turning your back to your dog when he is jumping up on you or when he is in the middle of body-slamming your visitors or the poor kids. Folks, by doing so, all you are teaching the dog is to keep humping your back, keep jumping on your guests, keep knocking down the poor kids, and to get your back all dirty and scratched up. (So in a way, you are encouraging your dog to NOT sniff your crotch, but shove that wet and cold nose up your tush.)

As Dr. Phil would say, "How's that working out for you?"

PetSmart Dog Trainers, Petco and Clicker Dog Training recommend these techniques. That explains why 8 out of 10 of our clients have already tried a pet store class and failed miserably.

Mistake #5: Yelping or whimpering like a hurt or scared puppy to stop your dog's play-biting and mouthing at your hands and feet. That is mimicking a weaker or a beta dog. Your dog would see you as a giant, warm and animated squeak toy. No bite simply means--NO BITE every time and your dog should respect that no matter who says it!

!!! Thought-Provoking Chapters of THE Book Worth Reading !!!

What Most Trainers Ignore or Even Hide From You!

Correct Your Top 10 Worst Mistakes and Get Long-Term Results!
Even dog trainers are guilty of making these mistakes. What makes you think...

What Grade Would Your Dog Give YOU? (Funny and Eye-Opening)
Don't just prove it to us, prove it to yourself that your dog won't give you an F.

Why Can't You Get Your Dog to Respond Around "Other" Dogs?
As soon as your dog spots another dog, he barks, lunges, growls or... learn why!

Using Treats? Are You Really Being Rational, Practical or Natural?
Do your yummy treats really stand a chance around dogs, kids, cats, or strangers?

99% Sweet - 1% Cujo!!! When Nice, Smart Dogs Get Down Vicious!
Face it, it's scary to have that doubt or fear of your dog one day really causing...

20 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores You When it Matters the MOST!
Does your dog listen around visitors, the mailman, from a distance or off leash?

When and Why You Should Doubt Your Technique or Your Trainer!
Seven signs to look for in identifying the strengths & weaknesses of your method!

PetSmart Dog Training Exposed - Why These Classes Rarely Work!
Sadly, 8 out of 10 of our clients have tried a pet store class like petco or petsmart.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Meet Your Vet (Doggie Etiquette!)
Why vets and vet techs are dying for you to master these proven tips. Learn how.

Turning a Childhood Tragedy into Triumph! - Kevin's Sad Story!!
Everybody has a story, a cause, or a reason of why they do what they.
Read Kevin's touching and remarkable story.

A Man's Soul Can Be Judged by the Way He Treats His Dog. -- Charles Doran

Fido Friendly's CEO--Nicholas Sveslosky with His Black Lab, Tasha

Nicholas Sveslosky Dog Secrets

"After only a short time with Kevin, I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack."

--Nicholas T. Sveslosky | Editor-in-Chief / CEO
FIDO Friendly Magazine

Kevin Salem - Master Dog Trainer and Author's Message on Boot Camps

Interested in Our Boot Camp? Click on the Speaker Above!!

See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW
" in the Clip Above!!

Don't Be Like a Dead Fish that Goes with the Flow.

!!! Do Nothing and Prepare to Deal with: !!!

  • A stinky house, wrinkly nose and lots of poo and pee scrubbing after your dog. Not to forget those sneaky and stinky markings on your lovely furniture.
  • Keep putting up with an unruly dog that jumps up constantly, play-bites at your hands and feet, steals food off tables and goes crazy just because someone rang the door bell or the mailman brought you more bills.
  • A dog that only listens when he's nearby, on leash or when you pull out his favorite treat. Let's not forget unless you scream from the top of your lungs or as the British would say, "scream bloody murder."
  • Arguments in your household and with your neighbors due to your dog barking nonstop, running back and forth attacking the window and fighting passing dogs or your neighbor's dogs through your fence.
  • Friends and relatives who hate dropping by because they clearly see you have no control over your dog or even worse, make ridiculous excuses for its unacceptable behavior.
  • Changing routes on walks the second you run into another dog. God forbid your dog sees another soul or someone walking a dog and that's when all hell breaks loose. That's not protective. That's being a Cujo!
  • A dog that constantly paces back and forth, wants to ride on your lap, or pants heavily in the car. How about attacking the window as soon as he spots another car, person or a dog.
  • A dog that yanks your arm out of its socket the first few blocks of your walk or definitely when you run into another dog, a cat, a jogger or a kid on a skateboard.

  • Don't forget: begging, whining, licking, scratching at doors, and running around like a maniac from room to room, crotch-to-crotch, butt to butt, with no sense of boundaries or respect for your home or your poor guests.
  • Being completely ignored once your dog finds himself off-leash and away from you. You notice he forgets everything you taught him and goes deaf and dumb, or you swear you’ve become invisible.

    If your dog was truly trained, you wouldn't have that doubt.

  • Forced to pay hefty vet bills because your dog attacks your other dog for no reason, or worse, constantly bullies and picks fights with every dog he comes across.
  • Every time he sees the opportunity, he bolts out of the door. Forget being on foot--get the car, the roller blades or pull a Tony Hawk so you can catch up with Houdinit.
  • A dog that is extremely over-protective or unpredictable toward other dogs, people and in worst case scenarios, even with YOU and your loved ones.

  • The fear of never be able to fully trust your dog around kids or toddlers.

  • Paying thousands of dollars in damages due to your dog's destructive chewing, digging, destroying your plants, the sprinkler system or your lovely furniture.
  • Possible of being sued, which could cause you great financial loss, risk of losing your home insurance, and leave you with no choice but to find your dog another owner.

  • Maybe even being forced to put your poor dog down.

Now, Have You Ever Asked Yourself...

This can't be the reason I decided to get a dog, was it? Isn't owning a pet supposed to be a fun, healthy and a loving relationship, that you want to remember positively for the rest of your life?

So ultimately, it is your choice to end your headaches, embarrassments, arguments and the physical and mental pain you and your family go through by putting up with an unruly dog! The more you put this off, the worse your dog's going to get. I do this for a living. Let me be very clear here: Your dog will NOT lose its bad habits or get trained because it gets older.

Now, to some of you, what you've read so far makes perfect sense. Which is why you'll take the first step to change your dog's behavior for the better and to others, you will read this and go on to business as usual.

Think about this for a moment. Do we humans get better with age? With some of us, yes, but getting older doesn't always mean getting wiser or nicer. It's no different when it comes to our dogs.

Your dog, as smart and as cute as he or she is, is still depending on YOUR best decision here. Please make sure you are making the right and wise one.

--Kevin Salem, Our Head Instructor and Author of
"Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training."
  Revealing the Best & Worst Ways to Train Your Dog. 

"Someone or a tragic incident can take away your home, your fame, your fortune, your pride, your passion, your loved ones, your well being, your good looks, your youth and even your dignity from you. But absolutely nothing or nobody in this world can take away that one thing from you--and that is your "attitude!!!"

In fact, the only person and the only force that can affect your attitude for better or for worse is--YOU."

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

Dog Obedience Training vs. Dog Psychology!!!

We reveal the Secrets to Dog Training that gets you hard-to-match results. Put an end to your frustration and learn the secrets how dog behaviorists get results. Best of all, you don't need to pay a dog behaviorist hundreds of dollars per hour to make a difference in your dog's life. Sorry, but Cheap, Affordable or Free Dog Training is NOT going to get you one of the top trainers in the business. That's the sad truth.

Hands Down, You'll Be Working with One of the Top in the Industry!

Face it, you will NOT get the same results by training your dog in some weekly dog obedience training courses that are taught by amateurs. The benefit of having our expert come to your home is the fact that outdoor distractions won't stall your training progress and everyone in your family can participate.

Make Other Owners Jealous with Our Eyebrow Raising Results!

Just imagine having a complete voice control of your dog anywhere, any time and even when your dog is about to bolt off or run away from you. You'll learn how to train a dog to respond off-lead and totally hands off--which dog trainers refer to as off-leash training. These best dog training methods and tips have been jealously guarded by topnotch dog trainers in the world. Best of all, you don't need to have a personal protection or know much about attack dog training to master them all. They are all offered through our dog training programs and inside this award-winning web site.

Those of You Who Love to Read... We Offer a Village of Information for FREE:

Take advantage of our Free Dog Training Tips through our useful articles. Folks, unlike hundreds of other dog sites out there, these Dog Training Advices are straight from the horse’s mouth. Compare our book to Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer by Adam Katz. You may hire Kevin in person or compare our board and train to other doggy boot camps. You'll notice that other dog training schools just don't measure up. World class dog training site that reveals the secrets of the best dog trainers is just one click away.


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Correct Your Dog Training Mistakes & Speed Up Results!! (GOOD STUFF!)

!!! Thought-Provoking Chapters of Our Book Worth Reading !!!

What Most Trainers Ignore or Even Hide From You!

Correct Your Top 10 Worst Mistakes and Get Long-Term Results!
Even dog trainers are guilty of making these mistakes. What makes you think...

What Grade Would Your Dog Give YOU? (Funny and Eye-Opening)
Don't just prove it to us, prove it to yourself that your dog won't give you an F.

Why Can't You Get Your Dog to Respond Around "Other" Dogs?
As soon as your dog spots another dog, he barks, lunges, growls or... learn why!

Using Treats? Are You Really Being Rational, Practical or Natural?
Do your yummy treats really stand a chance around dogs, kids, cats, or strangers?

99% Sweet - 1% Cujo!!! When Nice, Smart Dogs Get Down Vicious!
Face it, it's scary to have that doubt or fear of your dog one day really causing...

20 Reasons Why Your Dog Ignores You When it Matters the MOST!
Does your dog listen around visitors, the mailman, from a distance or off leash?

When and Why You Should Doubt Your Technique or Your Trainer!
Seven signs to look for in identifying the strengths & weaknesses of your method!

PetSmart Dog Training Exposed - Why These Classes Rarely Work!
Sadly, 8 out of 10 of our clients have tried a pet store class like petco or petsmart.

The Right and Wrong Ways to Meet Your Vet (Doggie Etiquette!)
Why vets and vet techs are dying for you to master these proven tips. Learn how.

Turning a Childhood Tragedy into Triumph! - Kevin's Sad Story!!
Everybody has a story, a cause, or a reason of why they do what they.
Read Kevin's touching and remarkable story.

Aren't Those Eyes Tired of Reading by Now?
Then Why Don't You See Us Put Our Skills to Work in a Video Clip !!!

We Welcome the Challenge!
So Compare Us to Others and May the Best Trainer Win :-)

When All Else Fails... We Won't!!!

Thousands of Happy Pet Owners Nationwide and Counting.

* Jaw-Dropping Video Clip * Testimonials *

* Boot Camp - Let Us Do the Hardest Part and You Take the Credit For it! *

FAQ * Contact Us (Clients Worldwide!) *

!!! Dog Secrets .com !!!
Where You See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW"!!!

You really don't have to get rid of your poor dog or put up with anymore of his bad habits. You see, regardless of what or which trainer you tried up to this point, it's fair to say that you haven't tried us yet. Then please don't yell, hit or get rid of your poor dog. Let us help you train him!!!

IMPORTANT: Our Drop Off Dog Training Has the Highest Demand.
To Guarantee Your Reservation and the Starting Date of Your Choice, We Kindly Require You to Also Call us Please.

Thank You.

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