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What Makes More Sense to You???
Relying on:

Praise, Leadership, Technique and Psychology!!!

Or, You Choose to Train Your Dog with:

Hot Dogs, Ham, Chicken or Sausage?!?!

All Dog Books / Schools Recommend Food to Train.
Again, We Proudly Use: Praise, Leadership, Technique and Psychology.

NOTE: You'll Notice Using Treats to Make Your Dog Obey, Stops Working
Especially When it Comes to (the Real World!)

Call it by Choice or by Chance, You Ended Up Here For a Reason!

Sorry, We Don't Make a Clown or a Ninja Out of Your Dog!!!

Our Expertise is (Breaking Your Dog's Bad Habits!)

We Specialize in Solving:

Jumping Up
Leash Pulling
Counter Surfing

Even Annoying Habits Such As:

Being Protective
House Training
Bolting Out
Not Coming When Called
Attacking Dogs or Your Cat

I'm Sure You Hate it When Your Dog...

Pees or Poops All Over Your Lovely Home/Furniture?
Misbehaves Around Visitors, Dogs or in Every Car Ride?
Attacks the Fence or the Door Once it Hears/Sees Dogs and People?

Then STOP Wasting Your Time with:

Repeating "Watch Me," "Watch Me" While Giving Lots of Treats
Getting Physical or Abusive - NO Need to Hit or Slam Your Poor Dog
Repeating, "Uh" or "Uh-uh" (Sorry, But Your Dog Must Respond to NO!)

Thousands and Thousands of Dog Trainers Out There...
How Do You Really Know Who is the Best, legit, or Honest?

By Now, You Already Noticed That If You...

Hate Using Treats and Want to Train Your Dog Naturally You Are on Your Own.
If Your Dog is Protective with Dogs or People... You Are on Your Own.

No One Said it's Going to Be Easy To:

Get Everyone to Attend Dog Training Classes.
Assume You Can Train (This Dog) All By Yourself.
Hope that Your Dog Would Magically Start Obeying You.

The Picture Below is a Fake...
Our Video Clips Are NOT!!!

big o dog

Studies Show: Most Dog Trainers or Dog Schools Cannot...

Get Your Dog to Listen (Without) Constantly Relying on Treats
Complete Off-leash Control - Because it Sucks to Have that Fear or Doubt
Overprotectiveness Toward Dogs, Kids, Your Cat and When You Have Friends Over.

Lucky For You... We Fall Under that Rare 3%!!!

Talk is Cheap. See Us in Action in the Clip Below!!

Our Clip Will Prove the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW"!

Don't Fall For Dumb Training Methods Below!

Ultimately, It Takes Only the Best and the Brightest to Train/Rehabilitate the Worst of the Worst Dogs!

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

Read a Raving Review From a Top Veterinarian

...What impresses me most with Kevin is his ability to "understand" a dog's perception and how to capitalize on it. While I have always been comfortable referring clients to Kevin, after experiencing his services first-hand, I am even more confident that he can truly help with most behavior issues with dogs. You don't have to accept problem behaviors - even if they are "not a big deal".

--Doctor Ken Pawlowski
President of Sacramento Valley Veterinary Medical Association

Unlike Most Dog Sites Out There,
Ours is Backed by a Best-Selling Author!!!

!!! Won't You Read a Few Chapters of Our Best-Seller Book Below !!!

Get that Library / Bookstore Feel

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How and Why Pampering Your Dog Can Backfire!

If your dog is spoiled, it will soon ignore, challenge, and even snap at you, loved ones, guests and other dogs. To take this fun test: Click here!

Who Has Who on a Tight Leash?!?!

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Acts Like a Moron Around Other Dogs???
Find out why your dog barks, lunges, growls, or goes for the kill.
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Besides Beating Your Poor Dog,
Using Treats is the 2nd Worse Way to Train it!!!

Is it practical or even natural to rely heavily on treats for everything? Learn more!

What All Dog Owners AND Trainers Fear Most!

Recognize the early signs of serious aggression in your dog...
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Take the Mystery Out As to Why Your Dog Never Listens Around______!!! (Fill in the Blank!)

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Are You a Dumb Owner???
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PetSmart? Not So Smart After All!!!
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What All Veterinarians Want You to Master
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How Kevin Turned Tragedy into Triumph!
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A Man's Soul Can Be Judged by the Way He Treats His Dog. -- Charles Doran

Fido Friendly's CEO--Nicholas Sveslosky with His Black Lab, Tasha

Nicholas Sveslosky Dog Secrets

"After only a short time with Kevin, I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack."

--Nicholas T. Sveslosky | Editor-in-Chief / CEO
FIDO Friendly Magazine

When All Else Fails... We Won't!!!

Thousands of Happy Pet Owners Nationwide and Counting.

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* Boot Camp - Let Us Do the Hardest Part and You Take the Credit For it! *

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!!! Dog Secrets .com !!!
Where You See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW"!!!

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