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Compare Us to Uncle Matty "Mathew Margolis" Dog Training and May the Best Dog Trainer Win. Unlike Uncle Mattie We Offer in Home Dog Obedience Training AND Doggie Boot Camps. We Are Nobody's Uncle and Don't Do Any Whispering. Uncle Matty Dog Trainer Charges You an Arm and an a Leg. We Don't.

Dog Psychology Book (Best-Seller) - Boot Camp - House Calls

Cesar Millan is Probably Somewhere in France Training Johnny Depp's Dog!

But NOT to Worry--We Can STILL Help. :-)

!!! This Site Contradicts AND Challenges Your "Current" Method to its Core !!!

Choice or by Chance, You Ended Up Here For a Reason!

!!! How We Beat the Majority of Dog Trainers !!!

* If You Refuse to Constantly Rely on Treats… you are on your own.
* If You Don't Like to Attend Weekly Group Classes… you are on your own.
If Your Dog is Very Protective Towards Dogs OR People... you are on your own.

FACT: That is What You Are Up Against When You Shop for Dog Schools/Trainers.


Play the Clip Below. It is Short, Funny a True Eye-Opener!

Watch How with Humor AND Logic I Debunk One of the
Biggest Myths in Today's Dog Training!!

Raving Reviews from...

Top Heavy-Hitters in the Dog World:

…You and Cesar are very similar in philosophy. I do hope we get to meet you some day.

--Cesar Millan’s co-Author --Melissa Jo Peltier NY/LA. Producer of
The Dog Whisperer - National Geographic Channel

…I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack."

--Nicholas Sveslosky | CEO
FIDO Friendly Magazine

!!! Smartest Dogs vs. Dumbest Trainers !!!

You see, just about every dog book, dog class, and thousands of dog sites preach:

* Never ever say "NO" to your dog.
* Don’t you dare correct him for anything. Ever!
* If, you choose to reprimand him—completely leave out his name.
* Starve him first, and then give him treats left and right so he listens better.
* Distract or even worse, IGNORE him when he misbehaves, and wait and wait, until you catch him doing something good on his own. Then praise him lavishly. (WOW. That sure makes a lot of sense.)

Now Who's With Me???

Folks, Try That Waiting Game and You Are Going to Wait a—

Realllllllyyyyyyyyy...loooooooong...tiiiiiiiime before your doggie makes you proud on its own. Besides, do your kids play less video games on their own, text or tweet less on their own, clean up after themselves on their own, or behave politely on their own? How about you? Do your good habits come to you naturally or do the bad ones? Then how can you expect any different from an animal?

Oh, They Call This Nonsense, “Positive Dog Training”!

Yeah, positive scamming is more like it. And if that doesn’t work for your dog, they positively tell you to get rid of your poor dog or put him down, blessing his soul with that positive energy. Now, if that makes sense to you, I'll save you time and tell you to please stop reading now. You are in the wrong site.

Here's How You've Been Skillfully Brainwashed !!!

You probably have already tried an eight-week "treat-training" program. What's worse, the trainer looked you in the eye and promised that your dog WILL eventually listen to you anywhere, anytime, and WITHOUT any treats. (It's only eight weeks and hey, it’s even scientifically proven.)

Fast forward to today: Your dog graduated and got his doggie diploma from that class. Now be honest! Does he obey all the commands perfectly without those yummy treats?How about around other dogs, cats or your visitors? After all, it's unrealistic to expect you to carry goodies with you for the rest of your life.

Hmm.. now don't get mad. Sit down. Take a deep breath and look at that cheesy diploma again.

Now, Here's What I Don't Get:

How Can Something that is Backed by "Science" Go So Wrong???

Whoa! Look at the size of that dog! Is he for real? What's our point? Make sure you watch our video clips. And think twice of those dog schools with just boring pictures or the ones that ask you to drive to their ranch for a lesson. Photos just don't WOW us anymore! They are as phony as this photo.lol

Let Us Help You Get a "Polite" Dog First. This Means, No More:

Jumping Up
Bolting Out
Stealing From Counters
Leash Pulling
Begging and Whining

Are You Struggling with Your Dog

Constantly Chasing and Terrorizing Your Poor Cat
Peeing or Pooping All Over Your Lovely Furniture/Home
Scaring Your Visitors, Other Dogs, the Kids or Your Other Dog
Attacking the Fence or the Door Once it Hears or Sees Dogs and People

Stop Wasting Your Time with:

Repeating "Watch Me," "Watch Me" While Holding a Stupid Treat
Using a Clicker. Clicker Dog Training Makes Sense if You Are Mute
Getting Physical or Abusive - NO Need to Hit or Slam Your Poor Dog
Constantly Repeating, "Uh," "Uh-uh,".. (PetSmart Love and Swear by Those!)

FACT: 97% of Dog Trainers/Dog Schools Are Clueless in How to...

Get Your Dog to Listen Without Carrying Bunch of Treats with You
Complete Off-leash Control of Your Dog - Because it Sucks to Have that Doubt
Fully Housebreak it- No More Peeing, Pooping or Marking All Over Your Carpet/Home
Over-protectiveness with Dogs, People, Your Cat or Even Towards You and Your Family.

Lucky For You... We Fall Under that Rare 3%!!!

Here's "Exactly" What to Expect From Us:

We DO NOT have a long list of dog trainers in every city and would hate lying to you by saying that every one of them has the same level of experience, qualification, and professionalism.

Simply put, they are usually—Recycled Karaoke Dog Trainers—not any different from when you keep copying from a photocopy. We all know that you eventually lose quality each time, since you are NOT dealing with “The Master”!

Besides, is there a Michael Jordan in every town? A Tiger Woods on every golf course? How about a Bruce Lee in every zip code? We are not the McDonalds or Starbucks of dog training. And let's face it; anybody can make you a Kickass Burger or a Yummy Latte, but not just any trainer or dog school is truly qualified to help you with your dog’s specific needs.

We are just too darn busy to offer free consultations or free evaluations. In other words, 'Can you come and look at my dog?' or 'Can we talk in person first?' is not our cup of tea. You won't pay us a dime if we cannot train your dog. We also don't make a ninja out of your dog by teaching it Attack Training, Agility, Cute Tricks or offer Group Classes anymore.

For liability reasons, we don't refer other trainers. However, we gladly accept dogs from 8 weeks old pups to adults. And more than obedience training, you'll master problem prevention and canine behavior modification. Our obedience level includes from basic to Off-Leash Mastery. Which is why we have dogs from all over the country shipped to us for a reason. (You also have the choice of flying our Dog Prodigy to your town or country.)

Ultimately, It Takes Only the Best and the Brightest to Train/Rehabilitate the Worst of the Worst Dogs!

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

How Much Should You Pay for Dog Training?

It's common knowledge that private sessions with a top expert of ANY field will cost you more. After all, you DO get what you pay for. But think about this for a minute: What does is it really mean when we choose to pay more for something, someone, or a service? As Dr. Phil would say, "This can't be your first rodeo." So I'll assume you know what I'm talking about here.

Now, Doesn't "Expensive" Usually Get You:

The Very Best
The Highly Skilled
A True Pro
Years of Experience
Peace of Mind
One-on-One Support

And maybe even: luxury, reliability, durable, efficiency, warranty, the rarest, the cleanest, the healthiest, the tastiest, the newest, the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, much comfortable, much safer, much bigger, more, the most-admired or that WOW Factor? How about from top medical treatment to top VIP treatment?

Let's face it; real life isn't like e bay, secondhand store, or a garage sale where you can always bargain or find killer deals. Sadly, not everything is on sale everywhere and every time. So you probably guessed what's coming next by now: The same rule applies when it comes to Getting Your Dog Trained by a Real PRO!

Bottom line, when people pay top money, they automatically expect to GET top dog training. Going out of your way to get the early-bird special in some park or your local pet store will NOT get you top dog training.

Using Treats + Extreme Spoiling = A Half-Trained Stubborn Dog

!!! Rookie Mistakes that You Are Making Right NOW !!!

Mistake #1: Hitting, yelling, hanging or slamming your dog on its back to make him listen or submit.
(Hint: You want your dog to respect you and NEVER fear you.)

Mistake #2: Relying heavily on the use of treats instead of your praise and technique. For example, give the poor dog his food for God's sake. Nobody asks you to do bunch of tricks or jump through hoops before feeding you. Plus, he's really putting on a show for his food and NOT for you.

Hint: You'll be far more effective if you give your dog treats at the very END of your training sessions and not before each command. Treat or not treat, your dog should Sit, Stay or Lie Down for you and because you said so and not because he sees/smells chicken in your hand.

Mistake #3: Just plain refusing to say "NO" to your dog and instead, correcting her with funny terms and noises like: Uh, Uh-Uh, or worse of all, barking or growling at your dog to make your point. Hmm... now, who's the animal here?

Mistake #4: Turning your back to your dog when he is jumping up on you or when he is in the middle of body-slamming your visitors or the poor kids. Folks, by doing so, all you are teaching the dog is to keep humping your back, keep jumping on your guests, keep knocking down the poor kids, and to get your back all dirty and scratched up. (So in a way, you are encouraging your dog to NOT sniff your crotch, but rather shove that wet and cold nose up your tush.)

How's that working out for you?

PetSmart Dog Trainers, Petco and Clicker Training for Dogs - Dumbest Way to Train is all about this method. That explains why 8 out of 10 of our clients have already tried a pet store class and failed miserably.

Mistake #5: Yelping or whimpering like a hurt or scared puppy to stop your dog's play-biting and mouthing at your hands and feet. That is mimicking a weaker or a beta dog. Your dog will see you as a giant, warm and animated squeak toy. 'No bite' simply means—NO BITE—every time and your dog should respect that no matter who says it!

Doggie Boot Camp WITHOUT the Boot - (No Offense, Any Bozo Can Watch Your Dog!)

Be Honest. If You Are Just...

* Too Busy or Even a Bit Lazy to Train Your Dog Yourself
* Unable to Solve Your Dog's Annoying Habits on Your Own
* Leaving Town for Thanksgiving, Easter, or Christmas Holiday
* In the Process of Moving or Remodeling Your Home or Yard

Or, Perhaps You Are...

* Staying at Home Mom and the Kids Kick Your Butt Like the Dog
* Going on Vacation or Have to Leave Town on a Business Trip
* Studying for an Exam - Needing Surgery or Recovering from One
* Disappointed by the Results You Got from the Previous Trainers...

Then You Should Definitely Consider Our Drop Off Dog Training.

Read a Raving Review From a Top Veterinarian

...What impresses me most with Kevin is his ability to "understand" a dog's perception and how to capitalize on it. While I have always been comfortable referring clients to Kevin, after experiencing his services first-hand, I am even more confident that he can truly help with most behavior issues with dogs. You don't have to accept problem behaviors - even if they are "not a big deal".

--Doctor Ken Pawlowski
President of Sacramento Valley Veterinary Medical Association

The Most Thought-Provoking Dog Training Book Ever!!!

This Book Gives You a Totally New Perspective About:

1. Yourself - Your thoughts, beliefs and perception of your current and previous dogs.
2. Your Dog - Why and how your dog thinks and responds in different scenarios.
3. Your Method – Unravel the strengths and weaknesses of different techniques.
4. Your Tools – Which training tools work and which eventually stop working.
5. Your Trainer - Their philosophy, expertise, expectations and limitations.
6. The Dog Training Industry – How to use the system to your advantage.

My Mission: To explore the main reasons why dogs didn't thrive to their fullest potential.

I was actually shocked to find that the real cause had very little to do with the dogs' age, personality, size, intelligence, past history, or even the breed, but had everything to do with the “human element”.

To my surprise, I found owners and even trainers from all around the globe were skillfully misled, influenced and even brainwashed. All this had a tremendous affect on their beliefs, attitude, technique, drive, sense of hope, creativity, and of course--their level of success.

Book's Description: This book introduces you to the next level and the future of dog training —“The Diverse Method.” For the first time, you’ll take a deeper look at the world of dog trainers, their philosophy, and how it impacts you and your dog from an insider's perspective.

Here’s a thought-provoking fact: If there are more than four hundred different breeds of dogs in this world, how can they possibly all respond to only one way of training? You see, every dog was bred specifically for a purpose. So for ANY expert to argue that you can train or rehabilitate each and every one with just “Positive Reinforcement” or “Negative Reinforcement” proves their arrogance, little experience, and lack of diversity.

The secret is to follow a "Diverse Reinforcement" because, just as with people, dogs never respond to a strictly positive or negative approach.

A Man's Soul Can Be Judged by the Way He Treats His Dog. -- Charles Doran

Fido Friendly's CEO--Nicholas Sveslosky with His Black Lab, Tasha

Nicholas Sveslosky Dog Secrets

"After only a short time with Kevin, I was able to learn how to better connect with my dog Tasha. Kevin has great insight and instinct into what dog guardians need to learn in order to create well behaved dogs as members of our pack."

--Nicholas T. Sveslosky | Editor-in-Chief / CEO
FIDO Friendly Magazine

The Video Clip Below Speaks for Itself--Literally!!

See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW" in the Clip Above!!

The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will.”

--Chuck Palahniuk

"Someone or a tragic incident can take away your home, your fame, your fortune, your pride, your passion, your loved ones, your well being, your good looks, your youth and even your dignity from you. But absolutely nothing or nobody in this world can take away that one thing from you--and that is your "attitude!!!"

In fact, the only person and the only force that can affect your attitude for better or for worse is--YOU."

--Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

Dog Obedience Training vs. Dog Psychology!!!

Sorry, but Cheap, Affordable or Free Dog Training is NOT going to get you one of the top trainers in the business. That's the sad truth. You'll learn how to train a dog to respond off-lead and totally hands off--which dog trainers refer to as off-leash training. These best dog training methods and tips have been jealously guarded by topnotch dog trainers in the world. Compare our book to Secrets of a Professional Dog Trainer by Adam Katz. You may hire Kevin in person or compare our board and train to other doggy boot camps. You'll notice that other dog training schools just don't measure up. World class dog training site that reveals the secrets of the best dog trainers is just one click away.

How Many Dogs Does it Take to Change a Light Bulb?

by Kevin "The Dog Prodigy"

Australian Shepherd: Just one, while the rest herd the property for any other light bulbs or even light switches that need to be replaced.

Pit Bull: As long as I'm here, nobody can change ANYTHING. Not as long as I'm breathing. NO WAY.

Golden Retriever: It doesn't matter. Even if someone breaks in, I will find the flashlight for them and show off all of my toys and will play fetch all night. Where’s that one that squeak?

Rottweiler: MAKE ME!!! Just try it.

Labrador: Oh, me! Me! Huh? Huh? Pleeeeeeeeease let me change it! Can I? Can I? You sure you only want me to change it? Too bad these bulbs float, or else I would even change the ones deep underwater in the pool.

German Shepherd: Roger that. First of all, I need to see if that is truly a light bulb or a bomb. Second, I'll check for any intruders that may still be on the premises. And third, I’ll sniff to see if they are still around, so I can sink this nice set of canines into that arm and keep on swinging from it. Not really. Any arm will do.

Maltese: Let the German Shepherd do it. Cocky bastard. You can fix my hair. Yes, of course, a piggy tail. What else?

Saint Bernard:
Man, I’ve still got a hangover from last night and you're worried about a stupid lamp? Look. I threw up a few times and can't even wipe my own slobber. Those bitches, once they're in heat, they REALLY know how to party, and I got soooo hammered.

Border Collie: Just one. And then I'll replace any wiring, check for any hazards, and let you know how long that light bulb will actually last.

Weiner Dog:
Yeah right. You know I can't reach that stupid bulb! Hello? Besides, those big scary dogs would just love to floss their teeth with me. And with/without any light they always find me. I guess it's because I just can't shut up. Can I?

Siberian Husky: You mean just yank it out of that ceiling and take off with it for miles without even looking back?

Minature Pincher:
Why? I can still bite ankles in the dark.

Jack Russell Terrier:
Dude, I have cats to chase, rabbits to hunt, and make my owners play the catch-me-if-you-can game. Besides, I will just pop it again with my constant bouncing around anyway.

Bassett Hound:
Leave that thing off. I am so tired and sleepy and I love it when it's pitch dark. Too much light hurts my eyes. Why do you think my eyes are so freaking red all the time? Noooooo. I told you a million times that I DO NOT smoke pot. Gosh!!! I only slept fifteen hours today and you kept on bugging me. ZZZZZZzzzzzz.z.z.z..z..z..z.

Chow Chow:
Nope, don't change that light bulb, don't brush me, don't bathe me, don't medicate me, and don't ever mistake me with for some goofy baby bear.

Poodle: Oh come on. Give me a break. Who wants to mess up the hair for a stupid light bulb? What if the minute I try to install it, it fries my awesome fro. I mean, come on. The fro is back in style and these curls don't just happen on their own, you know. Did I tell you I just got my nails done at Poodle Nook Salon today?

Lhasa Apso: Why change it? I can still mark every corner of every house blindfolded.

Doberman: Let them break in. I always wait in that corner and never make a sound. By the time they notice me, my teeth will be in their crotch. Then we’ll talk about who’s really going to get neutered tonight. GRRRRRRRRR.

Light bulb? I won't sniff any light bulbs! What's the point? I will only pop it again with my long piercing barks anyway.

Boxer: Come on, dude. Listen to my name: BOXER? Who needs to change a light bulb when I can just knock out the intruder? Once they grab me by the collar, then I'll show you my psycho dance, the one that is guaranteed to break those fingers.

Chihuahua: Yo quiero TACO BULB?

Hey, I was a chow in my past life. So don't you dare make me do anything.

No way Jose! Last time I tried that crap, I landed flat on my nose.

Bichon Frisee: Let the bulldog or the pug do it. Cute dogs don't have to work. Besides, all they do is snore and snore alllllllllll night anyway.

Pointer: I see it. There it is. That one, right? Yep, I see it. There it is. Right there..hmm...although, it isn’t moving. I wish they had light bulbs in the forest. That way I could point out those squirrels even better.

Greyhound: I told you people that I only move off that couch for rabbits! Plain and simple.

Afghan Hound: Light bulb? What's that? Sorry, we don't always have electricity around here. Besides, everyone knows that I don't need a silly light to prove how gorgeous I really am.

Written Kevin "The Dog Prodigy" - Head Instructor of Sacramento's Real-Life Dog Training.

Kevin wrote this joke about ten years ago. You might have read a shorter version of it here and there. Some have made it shorter and changed the order of different breeds and their comments, but once you compare it, you'll notice that they all originate from this source. You'll appreciate the same kind of humor throughout Kevin's book, "Hidden Secrets Behind Dog Training." It is a funny, smart book about training your dog.

Attention Dear Dog Owners

You are welcome to post this joke on your web site, web log or in any other my space type account. All we ask is to be kind enough to link it back to Dog Secrets .com. This isn't mandatory, but will greatly be appreciated.

Thanks again for sharing the smile and the love for all the dogs. Kevin Salem

!!! Read About Half of Kevin's Book Right Below!!!

We Wanted to Give You that Library or Bookstore Feel :-)

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Many dogs are a nightmare to deal with in animal hospitals. Here's how to solve it.

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We Always Welcome a Challenge!
So Compare Us to Others and May the Best Trainer Win :-)

You see, I used to think that I can make a dog listen to me anywhere and at any time, all just with my voice--no yelling, no hitting, no treats, no whistles, no clickers, just with praise, a healthy bond, understanding the dog, and of course, a proper technique.

It turned out.. I was dead right.

!!! POW !!!

Didn't that reminded you of Christopher Walken? That's how this site is written.
It's in your face, funny, eye-opening, thought-provoking and extremely informative.

When All Else Fails... We Won't!!!

Thousands of Happy Pet Owners Nationwide and Counting.

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!!! Dog Secrets .com !!!
Where You See the Difference Between "Average" and "WOW"!!!

You really don't have to get rid of your poor dog or put up with anymore of his bad habits. You see, regardless of what or which trainer you tried up to this point, it's fair to say that you haven't tried us yet. Then please don't yell, hit or get rid of your poor dog. Let us help you train him!!!

IMPORTANT: Our Drop Off Dog Training Has the Highest Demand.
To Guarantee Your Reservation and the Starting Date of Your Choice, We Kindly Require You to Also Call us Please.

Thank You.

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