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We Don't Make a Clown or a Ninja Out of Your Dog!!!

Be Honest with Us and Even More with (Yourself.)

If You Truly Are...

* Too Busy or Even a Bit Lazy to Train Your Dog...
* Unable to Break All Those Annoying Habits...
* In the Process of Moving or Remodeling...
* Leaving Town for ANY Holidays...

Or, Perhaps You Are...

* Staying at Home Mom and the Kids Kick Your Butt Like the Dog
* Going on Vacation or Have to Leave Town on a Business Trip
* Studying for an Exam - Needing Surgery or Recovering from One
* Disappointed by the Results You Got from the Previous Trainers...

Then You Should Consider Sending or Driving Your Dog to Us.

We get puppiesto adult dogs send to us from all the US and sometimes even from different countries. As matter of fact, breeders ship even few week pups all the time. So your older dog can handle the airplane just fine. :-)


Our Expertise is (Breaking Your Dog's Bad Habits!)

We Specialize in Solving:

Jumping Up
Leash Pulling
Counter Surfing

Even Annoying Habits Such As:

Being Protective
House Training
Bolting Out
Not Coming When Called
Attacking Dogs or Your Cat

I'm Sure You Hate it When Your Dog...

Pees or Poops All Over Your Lovely Home/Furniture?
Misbehaves Around Visitors, Dogs or in Every Car Ride?
Attacks the Fence or the Door Once it Hears/Sees Dogs and People?

Then STOP Wasting Your Time with:

Repeating "Watch Me," "Watch Me" While Giving Lots of Treats
Getting Physical or Abusive - NO Need to Hit or Slam Your Poor Dog
Repeating, "Uh" or "Uh-uh" (Sorry, But Your Dog Must Respond to NO!)

Thousands and Thousands of Dog Trainers Out There...
How Do You Really Know Who is the Best, legit, or Honest?

By Now, You Already Noticed That If You...

Hate Using Treats and Want to Train Your Dog Naturally You Are on Your Own.
If Your Dog is Protective with Dogs or People... You Are on Your Own.

No One Said it's Going to Be Easy To:

Get Everyone to Attend Dog Training Classes.
Assume You Can Train (This Dog) All By Yourself.
Hope that Your Dog Would Magically Start Obeying You.

Studies Show: Most Dog Trainers or Dog Schools Cannot...

Get Your Dog to Listen (Without) Constantly Relying on Treats
Complete Off-leash Control - Because it Sucks to Have that Fear or Doubt
Overprotectiveness Toward Dogs, Kids, Your Cat and When You Have Friends Over.

(If interested, e-mail AND call us to reserve your spot. Thank you.)

IMPORTANT: Since we have no idea how old, how big, how strong, how spoiled, how mean or how trained your dog is at the moment, it's best that you call us please.

After we gather some info about your dog, only then we can give you a price range. (Unlike others, we accept young pups from eight weeks to full grown adult dogs.)

So Why Would Your Dog Listen to "YOU" Once You Get Him Back???

No dog trainer can argue with the fact that the most impressively trained dogs in the world
have all been trained by an actual expert first.

If You Don't Believe Us, Just Think of:

* Dogs for the blind
* Therapy and service dogs
* Hunting dogs
* Search and rescue dogs
* Bomb detection dogs and even-
* Attack trained dogs

You guessed it. Almost all of these dogs have been professionally trained in a board & train
fashion. That's right. The owners came in the picture AFTER the dog was completely trained. Don't take our word for it. You may research this for yourself.  


Our Doggie Bootcamp is Like Liposuction.

You could spend all the money, lose the fat and look dazzling. But despite how great the procedure went, if you revert back to your old ways, you’ll get back to your old you.
(To most people, that analogy makes perfect sense!)

So Why Don't You Train Your Dog Yourself???

Someone might ask you why not train the dog yourself? Simple. For the same reason we bother hiring an accountant, a mechanic, a contractor or even an attorney.

We do so because:

A- Not all of us have a clue as to what we’re doing.
B- Some of us who do know, can’t always make the time for it.
C- You can take out the guesswork on how your dog acts without your presence.

The last reason helps me tremendously in getting a clear picture of how dogs respond and behave when they are not in their comfort zone and out of their element. In other words, Mommy or Daddy is nowhere to be found. Bottom line, send away training gives me a chance to observe the real dog and the real issues.

This is why it helps to hire a professional who boards and trains dogs for a living.

All doggie daycares charge you extra to walk and play with your dog, throw a bunch of doggie slumber parties, and then tell you, "Sure, we can also have Marj train him for you. She'll be done with the feeding and hosing down all the runs around three."

By the same token, any bozo can teach your dog to sit, roll over, give a paw, and bark for a cookie. I have people ship their dogs to me from all over the country and every one of them need help with far more challenging issues than just sit, down, or play dead.

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Elite Trainers Are Like Rare Gems!

I know some of you are rolling your eyes as you read this, but do me a favor. Grab your local phone book and flip through its pages. Unless you live in a very obscure small town, you’ll easily find hundreds of doctors, attorneys, plumbers and mechanics in it, but only a very few dog trainers and dog schools.

Now, just imagine how many of those very few are considered good, average, or just brilliant. I think I've made my point.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Again, I've discovered that training the dog first to be a much smoother and a less stressful process. It’s quite simple: your dog goes to rehab and gets trained or sometimes re-trained. Then comes the harder part--training YOU!

Best dog training has to involve doggie boot camp--not typical dog obedience group classes. Because in a dog boarding and training fashion, we do all the hard work for you and give you a (trained dog) back. Period. If you're looking for dog training in Northern California, or a board and train puppy obedience class, you came to the right place. We specialize in doggy boot camp for puppies to adult dogs. Best of all, you really don't need to be mean. We offer send away dog training aka puppy bootcamp WITHOUT the boot. Cesar Millan made doggy boot camps famous. And it caught on for a reason. Because they absolutely work!!!

IMPORTANT: Since we have no idea how old, how big, how strong, how spoiled, how mean or how trained your dog is at the moment, it's best that you call us please.

After we gather some info about your dog, only then we can give you a price range. (Unlike others, we accept young pups from eight weeks to full grown adult dogs.)


Read These Questions that Justify Our Rates:

* Do you prefer to train your dog by your voice and praise or with hot dogs and beef jerky?
* Would you rather pay less to sacrifice quality and the guarantee in your training?
* Is hiring a pro who does it for a living compare to a part-timer/hobbyist important to you?
* Do you rather have the expert to come to you or drag everyone to some park/some ranch?
* Is having a dog that listens from a distance and eventually off-leash important to you?
* Do you care about a lifetime support for as long as you live and own ANY dog?

Don't forget; just like people, dogs aren't always predictable. Plus people are known to procrastinate. So although it doesn't take a lifetime to train a dog, it's certainly nice to have have that support.

IMPORTANT: If you don't care about none of the above qualifications, then sure, just about any other dog trainer or dog school will do. We take pride in our work and do it ethically.

Look, nobody goes to a Ferarri dealer and starts haggling with the salesman by saying, "Come on man, help me out here." Hello? It's a Ferarri! You'll be driving a DREAM. And with our services, you'd end up with a dream dog.


Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan
Takes Dogs in His Camp All the Time

You most likely know of his show. He calls it dogs in rehab. Call it rehab or boot camp, it's the same concept. Just like playing sports, learning to play a music instrument, or losing weight, as long as you stay consistent with the program and you obviously will HAVE our full support, your dog WILL remain trained and well-mannered for life. We give you a written guarantee on it.

Doggie boot camp works much better and faster because most of the hard work is done and over with. Because in a dog boot camp which is the same as dog boarding and training fashion, you relax at home and we give you a (trained dog) back. Period. This is why boot camp training for dogs makes more sense for many frustrated or busy dog owners.

If you're looking for dog training boot camp for your puppy in CA where (you leave your dog to be trained) or a board and train dog school, you came to the right place. As you can see on top of our website, we specialize in dog boot camp training for puppies to stubborn adult dogs. Our send away dog training aka dog bootcamp is WITHOUT the boot. Cesar Millan made doggy boot camps famous. Since it is far easier to keep a (trained dog) on track, than a totally unruly brat!!!


* * * * Presidential Treatment * * *
V.I.P. Program For Those of You Who Don't Mind Paying More!

You Deal Strictly with Our Best and Top Trainer,
Kevin "The Dog Prodigy" Himself. Plain and Simple!!!

You Get All These:

* Have Kevin Fly to Your Town for Three Days ( Total of Six Lessons)
* 2 Weeks of Board & Train Personally All of Your Lessons with Kevin.
* All of Your Current and Future Lessons with Kevin and NOT His Trainers.
* All of Your Calls and e-Mails Will Be Answered by the Dog Prodigy Himself.
* Automatic Membership to All of His Future DVD's, Books and Audio CD's.
* Have the Rights to Video Tape One or All of Training Sessions.
* His Book Personally Autographed to You.
* Have Access to His Cell Phone Number For Any of Your Current or Future.

The only thing you can't do and wished you could... is to literally adopt Kevin. :-) But just like most things in life, the best, always costs the most. It is so true when they say, "You get what you pay for and it's no different when it comes to training your dog by one of the best in the industry." Read some of Kevin's book on this site, watch him in action in his video clips, and even talk to some of his references and you'll agree you'll get one of the top in the business. Cost: $4,900.



Be especially leery of trainers who refuse to give you any references. You can bet your dog's life that this is a red flag. Think about it, if they are proud of their training method and work ethics with their clients, then they should have no problem giving you a few names and there will be NOTHING to hide. This is especially important if they don't even have any group classes for you to observe. Your wallet, your dog and your precious time's depending on it. No matter how impressive their web sites seem or how convincing they may sound on the phone, don't skip this. You won't regret it. If someone's happy with you, then they won't mind bragging about you. Isn't this true with everything in life?

Please Don't Yell, Hit, or Get Rid of Your Poor Dog. Let Me Help You Train it. --Kevin

Watch an Actual Video Demonstration of Our Top Trainer in Action.

They Say, "Pictures Say a Thousand Words." But Nowadays, Pictures Also LIE!
Just Watch the Clip Above and You'll See What We're Talking About.

!!! Dog Secrets .com !!!

Where You See the Difference Between"Average" and "WOW"!!!

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* Jaw-Dropping Video Clip * Testimonials *

* Boot Camp - (We Simply Give Your Dog Back Trained)! *

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